Saturday, 17th November 2012

There are a lot of foods we buy without thinking. Things that can easily be made at home from scratch without ripping a bag or opening a bottle. I want to show you how. Making delicious food in a jiffy. Not a big deal, but a huge impact: better taste, less waste, no additives, you know what you eat.

Today: Vanilla sauce

Works with almost everything: cake, pie, apple strudel, chocolate pudding or just plain with a spoon.

Did you ever take a look on the ingredient list of these sachets and bottles? Among other ingredients, colouring is added to make the sauce nicely yellow. But a real vanilla sauce is never yellow! It’s cream to pale yellow at the max. And what should be inside, namely vanilla, isn’t, but artificial flavours. Does this has to be? Not for me and not for you anymore!

vanilla sauce

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  1. Das ist ein super Tipp, vielen Dank! Denn ich möchte am Wochenende Makronen backen und brauche dafür ja nur das Eiweiß. Hatte mich schon gefragt, was ich mit dem Eigelb anfangen soll. Selbst gemachte Vanillesauce ist super, da brauche ich gar nichts dazu. Jegliches Obst oder Kuchenstück hätte nur eine Alibi-Funktion…

    Viele Gruße aus dem Rheinland

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