Thursday, 18th November 2010

I never were really fond of shortbread. Scottish or not. We didn’t even tried some, as we were in Scotland last year. We just brought some home as a gift. I ate some of the gift myself. But I’m not ashamed, since it revealed the tastiness of shortbread to me. Scottish shortbread. I don’t know how Irish tastes or other. So I’m only referring to Scottish.

Lately I thought again of the shortbread. And I thought of a try years ago to produce shortbread. It was a recipe of Jamie Oliver. It was not good. Since then I had a slightly aversion against shortbread. Sorry Jamie. But there was no reference of the Scottish there. A glimmer of hope? Well, I searched the internet for a simple shortbread recipe, no chocolate, no herbs, no fuss. And then I found it! On a blog, which blogger has it from a fellow blogger, who owns it from her Scottish grandfather!

Scottish Shortbread

 If you are not familiar with shortbread. I give you a short dive into the taste and texture of that shortbread. It’s crumbly, but not allover. Everything holds together, but on the edges it crumbles. It’s flaky, maybe you can see some layered flakes in the picture. Those layers brake apart in your mouth. And then comes the buttery taste.  There’s a lot of butter in there, but it doesn’t taste like your eating pure butter. Simple, but somehow complex. Maybe just delicious. So don’t keep your hands from that recipe, because of the butter, you will regret that! And yes you can eat more than one piece. Because they are lighter than you think.

You don’t need a special ingredient, it’s all there in the kitchen. Go and make them!

Scottish Shortbread

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  1. colores says:

    I love shortbread! thanks for the recipe, I jsut was thinking about possible Christmas goodies for my friends. This, will definitely be one! thanks for sharing

  2. colores says:

    vielen Dank für dein Kommentar! Ja die Tasche ist auch selbstgemacht, genauso wie die Brosche und Ohrringe!!! LG colores
    P.S. Danke für dein Tipp! Werde mal schauen!!!

  3. Wow.. this blog is AMAZING!

    I'm your newest follower and I love your blog!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you coco-pistachio! I happy, when people like my blog work!

  5. Kris Ngoei says:

    Crumbly and buttery, those already described how delicious your shortbread tastes 🙂

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