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Recently Snøfrisk approached me and asked, if I would like to create a recipe with fresh goats cheese (Indeed, this is an advertisment!). Of course, i wanted! I’m (fresh) goats cheese addicted! You might already noticed that, because I blogged goats cheese ice cream with strawberry swirls, pizza bianca with swiss chard and goats cheese, pasta with asparagus and fresh goats cheese, potato terrine with goats cheese, basil and pine […]

It’s again time for one of my favourite vegetables: fava beans! Last year I already introduced you to fava beans with a quick pasta dish, today I have a wonderful tart with feta and the favas! Unfortunately I don’t have a garden anymore and so I cannot grow the beans myself, but luckily there’s a farmer on the market who sells this rarety. I do not use dried beans here! […]

Finally it’s time again for quiche! It’s a potato quiche with wild garlic, to be precise with wild garlic pesto. I’ve already seen and baked this quiche last year, but I blogged not 1,2, but 3 rcipes with wild garlic, then the season was over! And so I blog about it today! I can always enjoy some quiche, they are so delightful: crispy dough filled with delicious vegetables and topped […]

Finally you can see spring! And we do not only notice because of the better weather, but because there’s rhubarb and wild garlic on the farmer’s market. I’ve already spotted some German asparagus, but it’s still really pricey, so I will wait. But we bought the wild garlic and rhubarb, of course. I have already a lot of rhubarb recipes on my blog (here, here, here, here and here), but […]

Autumn leaves his signs, on our field the Swiss chard is ripe and it’s time again for warming and hefty dishes. Swiss chard is a great vegetable, especially if it’s a colourful variety. Our’s is red and green, but pink, yellow or orange instead of red is beautiful, too. Unfortunately there are not a lot of dishes, that come to my mind, when I have Swiss chard in my hands, […]

The whole winter and spring I’m looking forward to the summer vegetables, and fruit of course! But then they are there, zucchini. What to do with them? Additionally we have two plants on our patch this year. That means: the zucchini glut had begun! First tip for those of you having own zucchini plants, too: harvest the zucchini as long as they are small. So you avoid the problem of […]

Tarte flambée is on everyone’s lips these days. I see it everywhere and everyone longs for it. As I baked mine, the reactions were: ” Oh, I want this, too. Now.” And there’s nothing to be said against it, because it’s more than simple. Probably my tarte flambée shouldn’t be called tarte flambée anymore, because I topped it additionally with cheese. That’s more than uncommon. And has nothing to do […]

Happy new year, dear readers, followers, bloggers and food lovers! Thank you for all the support and kind comments last year! I’m looking forward to more of that.  Everybody’s sharing his new year resolutions over the net. And I thought, if I have some, too… food related ones of course. But to be honest, there aren’t a lot. I have achieved a lot of food related things last year. This […]

Tomorrow I will take a few days off and go home to Nuremberg. There I will visit the Biofach. The Biofach is a fair, where producers of organic food, clothes, cosmetic and body care products expose their (new) products. You can taste new products and see products, that are not on the market yet. I’m very looking forward to that event, since I haven’t been there yet and I ‘d […]

Autumn is coming finally. The leaves are falling from the trees, it’s not so warm anymore (but not cold yet) and everywhere you get the typical autumn food, like apples, pears, fennel and pumpkin. I love every kind of pumpkin or squash. Everytime I see another type, I have to buy it. Some weeks ago I bought a cooking magazine, which is all about pumpkins. I picked out one recipe, […]