Sonntag, 3. Januar 2010

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Happy new year everybody!

Selbstgemachtes Müsli

Thank you for your visits and supports in my first months of blogging! I’m always afraid and happy, when I read your comments. I’m always pleased to return the favour and visit your blogs! Some of them have already found their way in my daily reading list.

I hope you enjoyed my new blog last year. I will do my very best this year, too.

I want to start this year with some homemade muesli. I already produced it in the end-terms of last year, but I first tasted it this morning for breakfast. As I thought of eating this muesli for breakfast, I remembered, that some photos of the making are waiting to be blogged. So I took these photos this morning.

Selbstgemachtes Müsli

I like the idea of selfmade granola. I’m not a fan of bought one’s. For me, they are not crispy enough or too crispy, full of raisins, which I don’t like or dried fruits, which I do not like, too. I’ve only once seen a muesli, with freeze-dried fruits and that was tasty. Neither I like that cheap chocolate pieces in bought muesli.

The benefits of an selfmade muesli are – amongst others – , that you can put in what you like: favourite nuts, favourite fruits, favourite chocolate, favourite cereals. And everytime you can try another combination!

Don’t be scared of making your own granola! It’s fun, very easy and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Over- and underneath you see the granola on a baking sheet, after combining the ingredients. Underneath I put some anti-stick coated aluminium foil from Toppits® . If something like that is not available you can also use normal baking paper or grease the baking sheet lightly. But I admit that this aluminium foil is very handy.

The recipe is enough for about 10 smaller portions (like on my photos). So if you are a muesli-fancier, consider doubling the recipe. One recipe is suitable for one baking sheet.

I like to use whole nuts, peel them, roast them in a pan and chop them then. But feel free to use already chopped nuts.

Selbstgemachtes Müsli



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  1. And it is much cheaper than putting together one you like at mymuesli dot com. I admit that I only did this once or twice, now I buy a basic müsli and add the raisins and cashews I like to it.

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