Wednesday, 3rd July 2013

Yogurt-Cucumber Ice Pops with Mango

Even if the summer wants to fool with us, there is no reason not to gobble down a lot of ice cream! I can tell, that this month I will be featuring a lot of ice cream recipes!

Beginning with these lovely yogurt-cucumber ice pops with mango. The basis is a frozen yogurt streaked with grated cucumber and an exotic mango swirl! This creamy deliciousness can be made in ice pop moulds and doesn’t need an ice cream machine.

Tchibo invited some food bloggers to its ice parade and provided some products and I am one of the party!

Ice Lolly Moulds by Tchibo

I was pleased about the ice lolly moulds, which are not the classic ice pop moulds, but more for larger ice on the stick, like the solero kind. It’s a bit intricatuly to handle, since the moulds have to lie flat and the ice mixture has to be thick, otherwise it will be dripping out of the mould. So before buying the moulds, ponder if you have enough space in the freezer.

Yogurt-Cucumber Ice Pops with Mango

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Tchibo provided me with its products for this post. All the opinions are my own.


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  1. Carmen says:

    Ich dachte in der ersten Sekunde, die Mango bräuchte ich geschmacklich nicht dazu, aber nachdem ich das Rezept gelesen habe, kann ich mir dieses Eis gut vorstellen.

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