Wednesday, 5th December 2012

This month’s box was filled with Asian deliciousness. Unfortunately not a Christmas box, but nonetheless I’m thrilled!

As far as I know most of the products are new. The box is in chime and the products match.


I’m very happy about the ghee and the curry paste. I won’t buy the ghee, because I’m a huge user of clarified butter and for me there’s not a huge difference (just the price), but I’m glad to try. The curry paste was already on my list.

I don’t buy sauces in jars, but I’m looking forward to the Indian Curry, mostly because there is a recipe with it in the enclosed booklet and there are lentil balls involved. One jar costs 2,45 Euro, which is quite a fair price.

The Sweet-and-Sour-Sauce isn’t my case, but I’m curious about it’s taste compared to the common products. I’ll use it for another recipe from the booklet.

I can always use wok noodles, so these are great and 1,25 Euro is a reasonable price for a Bioland product.

The package of the basmati rice was ripped in the box, which is a bit annoying, when rice is floating around everywhere. But you can always use basmati rice, so it’s a good choice. Although we won’t buy it, since we already found our favourite rice.

Finally a packet of black chai tea. We drink a lot of chai, but we prefer loose tea. Loose tea would have been perfect, but it will also been drank.

 The box was worth 16,25 Euro.

 Overall a great box with products I love to try! I’m already looking forward to the next and unfortunately last box!

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