Friday, 11th May 2012

This time Ina and I cooked the arugula risotto with basil and lemon (p. 202).

This time I didn’t managed to make the risotto creamy. It was the first time ever and I have no clue why. I didn’t used another rice and the same method as ever. I don’t know, but that doesn’t mean the risotto get’s bad notes.

Apart from that the risotto was okay, but I wouldn’t make it again. Sorry I’ve already ate better ones. It tasted like arugula, but not a bit like lemon, which I really looked forward to.

I have to confess I didn’t blanched the arugula or the herbs, just chopped them raw and add them to the risotto. That was too much effort for me that night and I also didn’t see a deeper sense in it. I also replaced the 3 Tbsp mascarpone with crème fraîche, since I won’t buy Mascarpone for that small quantity, Also I don’t use mascarpone anywhere else. I also would have liked more white wine in the risotto, but that is just my personal preference: a lot of wine.

I like the idea behind the risotto, but I would prefer just basil and lemon. But you just can’t like every recipe in a cookbook, right?

Do you have the book, too? If yes, did you already cooked some recipes?

Arugula risotto with basil and lemon

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