Friday, 3rd September 2010

I made those a while ago, but I never made it to post them. Now before the summer is all over again and plums are still in season I have to give it out to you. The galettes are easy to make. Only dough, plums and sugar, that’s it!

Rustic Plum Galettes

I’m looking forward to autumn, but I also want to catch the last summer fruit, before there will be a long cold time without those delicious enjoyments. So tomorrow I want to get some pumpkins and apples at the market as well as some peaches (if I’m lucky). Stuck between summer and autumn is a really good time for yummy food. So preserve the summer and enjoy the upcoming autumn. Make ice cream with summer fruit, freeze fruit puree for the winter, can tomatoes or as I’ve done it recently: make your own pasta sauce and can it! There will be a post about that soon! I hope I got you a bit inspired. I need that inspiration too. Autumn food is so tempting.

Rustic Plum Galettes

So make the dough, then go buy some plums. When you’re back the dough is chilled and ready for rolling out. Assemble the galettes and bake. Enjoy them warm with a scoop of ice cream or cooled down every time you are passing by. I know what I’m talking about. They didn’t survived the day after baking!

Rustic Plum Galettes

Rustic Plum Galettes


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  1. El says:

    The galettes are beautiful. I love the idea of using plums. How wonderful!

  2. Irina says:

    These look adorable!

    Nice blog you have, I'll definately follow it 🙂

  3. colores says:

    This is fantastic!!!! I will surely try it!!!!

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