Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

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I never buy cookies. I told you. I have to make them by myself. But I can’t eat cookies always. Not even me! Sometimes I’m just longing for some crisps or crackers. Something salty, hearty. I’m getting hungry again…

Thyme Hazelnut Cracker

So for satisfying those cravings I needed to bake cracker. I mean it would be nice to make crisps by myself, but to be honest: Who would do such a crazy thing?! I mean why cutting potatoes into thin thin slices and fry them, while buying them is so much easier. At this point I’m totally on the buyer site. That’s like making your own mascarpone. Time consuming and senseless. And yes I’ve tried that! Shame on me.

Thyme Hazelnut Cracker

But crackers are not in that category. They are easier to make than cookies. Really. And you can add a whole bunch of things, you couldn’t do with the bought ones, which all come along with either salt, red pepper taste, cheese… uhm… did I forget something? Sounds like real diversity, isn’t it.

Thyme Hazelnut Cracker

So this recipe is just a guideline. Add what you prefer. Cheese is totally welcome, whatever one you like. Parmesan just worked fine for me. The crackers are crisp and flaky. They are not on the light side of food. To make them lighter I suggest to substitute the hazelnuts with almonds or even no nuts. Or add some crushed pretzels. Mmmh I’m totally on the pretzel way today. Don’t know why. Want to eat cookies with pretzel pieces inside. Next project? Ok, back to the crackers. Add some fried bacon or fried bacon glazed with maple syrup. Use your favourite herbs. Add some dried tomatoes. It’s all your choice. So go ahead and make them! Now!

Thyme Hazelnut Cracker

Vor einem Jahr: Wachteln, kalt und warm


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  1. Yumm! I love savoury cookies! Hazelnut and thyme are such a good combination! Your pictures are beautiful!

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