Sunday, 21st October 2012

This time Ina and I chose the oefs en cocotte from page 48. Oefs en cocotte are eggs baked in a water bath in the oven. In this case leeks, spinach and smoked salmon are added to the dish. Of course you could also add other ingredients you prefer.

I wanted to make these eggs a long time ago and now I finally had the chance to. I thought I would like them more, but I was a bit disappointed, which might have to do with the long preparation time and the combination of leeks, spinach and salmon. I would have chosen cheese and ham and so I will make these eggs again, but with other ingredients. But it’s something I like about this dish, you can vary it to you likes. And for breakfast or brunch with a lot of guests, this would be a convenient dish, which impresses the guests for sure.

oefs en cocotte


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  1. Sylvia says:

    Für meinen Geschmack wäre ich mehr für Lachs und Spinat. Aber die Idee finde ich wirklich gut, das nächste Sonntagsfrühstück ist devinitiv gesichert!

  2. Im Glas, wortwörtlich. 😉 Ich nehm auch eins zum Montagsfrühstück.

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