Sunday, 1st July 2012

We bought just a few things on the farmers market yesterday, since we knew we had to harvest a lot on our vegetable patch. A wise decision!

So we bought just: 3 kg tomatoes (I’ll make sauce and can them), onions, basil, cherries and cheese.

Market purchase

On the picture below you see everything we harvested yesterday. Sugar snap peas (which I blanched today and froze), 2 lettuces, a lot of zucchini, 2 small cucumbers, beetroots, a black bell pepper (in the middle of the picture), the first yellow beet (above the beetroots, carrots and the first potatoes.

Unfortunately the picture is not so good, but we were a bit distracted today, since we experienced a severe thunderstorm here and we were right in it with our bikes just as it begun, as we were on the way back from the field. We had laundry on the balcony and the parasol was still open. The parasol was blown down and is essential broken (maybe my handyman boyfriend can fix it). The laundry was “just” wet and dirty and fortunately not spread over the whole neighbourhood. We were totally wet of course, but glad that we were not crushed by a branch. So today was all about removing the damages and the dirt.


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  1. was für eine tolle ausbeute… und wenn ich den käse sehe freue ich mich jetzt schon wieder auf den käseeinkauf beim widmann am samstag!

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