Wednesday, 21st March 2012

Steph from the kleinen Kuriositätenladen called to show her our kitchens. I love to peek in peoples homes or better the kitchen. And who likes to peek , does have to let peek, too.
The kitchen is the most beautiful room in the apartement. I’m not just saying that, because I like to stand in the kitchen, it really is! Almost 2 years ago, as we moved in, there was no kitchen and so we had to buy one. IKEA was our choice and we never regret it (ok besides the dumb stainless steel sink, on which you can see every water stain).
The kitchen is really small and besides it has a second door, which leads to a mini veranda, so it wasn’t easy to install and to find the right cabinets. We also had to remove the door to the hall, otherwise we couldn’t have installed two of the cabinets. The washing machine had to be installed in the kitchen, too, since there is no other place for it. Of course we could have installed more hanging cabinets, but I like the kitchen to be light and airy, so two of them was the limit for me.
What I really love about the kitchen is it’s functionality and the little details like the door and drawer dampers or the IKEA garbage system (yes I even like our garbage!).
Photographed from the door. Left side: fridge, dish washer, washing machine, sink. In the corner door to our “veranda”.
On the wall two great cotton bags where we store our potatoes. Since then we don’t have problems with mould anymore.
Glimpse in my kitchen
Cuboard above the fridge for larger appliances and utensils, like baking dishes in lots of sizes, the box on the left side in the middle is full with cookie cutters, pasta machine, vacuum device, vegetable grater, fermentation baskets. Things you can’t see, but are also in the cupboard: a large wok (!), a caquelon (a special ceramic pan for cheese fondue), mixer and some more things.
Glimpse in my kitchen
Right side of the kitchen, opposite the picture above. In the front store cupboard with drawer pull-outs (look in the drawer pictures below). Above of it another cupboard with kitchen appliances like waffle maker, rice cooker, etc.
Next drawers and more drawser with cutlery, bowls, baking dishes, tupperware, small things.
Oven/stove top with glass splash guard on the wall.
Underneath the window a corner cabinet with an pull-out swing-out fitting with all our pots, casserole, more bowls and colanders. Next to it a small folding ladder, so I can also reach the higher cabinets.
Pans and sieves are hanging from the cealing. The strange thing in the plastic bag is a super peel for our pizzas and bread.
Glimpse in my kitchen
Sink, next to it the blender, whichis almost never used (every year for a cocktail). On the left work space (mostly used for slicing bread) with wooden cutting boards, toaster and bread baskets.
Above the sink tea and drinkg chocolate assortment, as well as spreads, which haven’t to be stored in the fridge.
I store onions, garlic and ginger always in that beautiful hanging basket.
Glimpse in my kitchen
On the other side in the corner next to the stove are my knife blocks, the granola bar, the kettle, oils, salts, what you need for cooking. In the étagère fruits are stored. On the walls we have more utensils, which didn’t fit in the drawers. Above of all this the pans and sieves.
View to the door with the kitchenaid and more appliances, as well as the scale, which can be hang up.
Glimpse in my kitchen
Glimpse in the upper broad drawer, filled with cutlery. On the right side organized by purpose or material (wood, plastic, steel).
I prefer wood for cooking and I never want to miss my microplane grater anymore!
Glimpse in my kitchen
Drawer with utensils, which are difficult to store, but are more or less frequently used.
Glimpse in my kitchen
Again: KitchenAid
Glimpse in my kitchen
This is what it looks like in my only storage cabinet in the kitchen (we have a built-in cabinet in the veranda, where we store supplies). From bottom to the top: oils, vinegars, sauces, larger boxes with flour, then: food for cooking, like rice, beans, semolina etc, then: 2 drawers with food for baking, then: broths and spices and again just spices. On the very top: pasta, different flours, food for baking, other stuff seldomely used.
I would like to use only glass containers, but as we don’t have much space, it’s not possible here.
Glimpse in my kitchen
View on my upper spice drawer. The glasses are labeled on the front. As I don’t see  how they are labeled from below, I know more or less where every spice is positioned and I pull out the glasses then.
Glimpse in my kitchen
This was my kitchen and some open drawers and cabinets.
A great event, Steph!

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  1. Deine Küche gefällt mir sehr gut. Sie sieht sehr wohnlich und individuell aus, das mag ich total an Küchen.

  2. sehr schön…und sehr ordentlich. Respekt!

  3. Steph says:

    Du sagst mir Bescheid, wenn Du Deiner Küche irgendwann mal überdrüssig werden solltest, nech?
    Mal von der Küche selbst abgesehen, gefallen mit der Hängekorb und das Gestell an dem Deine Pfannen hängen ganz besonders gut – eine wirklich wunderschöne Küche hast Du!

    Vielen Dank für's mitmachen :o)

  4. @zorra & Frau Kampi: Ich mag es schon ordentlich in der Küche, aber aufgeräumt hab ich trotzdem vorher ;).

    @Steph: Danke für das Kompliment! Ich bin so verliebt in meine schöne Küche, dass wird wohl nichts mit euch beiden. Aber die ist ja auch noch so jung ;). Aber wenn du mal hier im Süden bist, dann bist du eingeladen die Küche mal aus der Nähe zu betrachten.
    Das Gestell für die Pfannen haben wir gebraucht, weil dafür eine Schublade frei wurde, die gleich wieder voll war. Ein Teufelskreis!

  5. Barbara says:

    Die gute STÅT-Front – die habe ich auch schon ein paar Mal verbaut, in verschiedensten Variationen, die gefällt mir sehr sehr gut.

    Ein wunderschöner heller Raum, optimal eingerichtet. Echt schön!

  6. Anjutkas says:

    so eine schöne Küche, ordentlich, alles sehr gut durchdacht, finde ich ganz toll, auch die kleine Leiter:)

    Ganz liebe Grüße


  7. Sehr schöne Küche. Ich hätte auch gerne eine IKEA-Küche. In meiner Küche ist von IKEA nur die wunderschöne Porzellan-Spüle!

  8. Oxana says:

    deine Küche ist Traum!!!
    versuche grade meine umzubauen. Sag mir bitte wie heisst diesen
    teil auf der decke auf den alle deine Pfannen hängen . Vielen Dank im Voraus!

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