Dienstag, 25. August 2009

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Last week my boyfriend was staying in the UK for working. For my comfort I bought a new cookbook, which caught my eye in an instant in my favourite book store. To celebrate the occasion, that he was coming home, I wanted to cook roasted quail cold and warm from Michel Roux Ofenfrisch or in english Pastry. In the end I wasn’t as far as I wanted, when he came home. Additionally it was more laborious than I thought. So he helped me a lot, although I wanted to cook for him.

The thighs of the quails were wrapped with Filo dough. The breast are coming along with some fat greek/turkish yoghurt, spring onions, orange filets and a little bit of a thick sweet sauce with honey in it. In the end it was worth the work and delicious! As the filo is more crunchy than puff pastry, I think that would fit as well and next time I will try that.

As Roux didn’t mentioned any side dish, I made polenta and it went very well together!

Wachtel kalt und warm


 Wachtel kalt und warm

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  1. I love the plate! Never ate quail before – what is it like? And don't say „just like chicken“ 😉

  2. I love them too :-).
    Quail is between duck and chicken. Much more wilder than chicken (thankfully), but not as much as duck.

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