Tuesday, 18th December 2012

Few days ago I was suprised as I received an email from dm, that I could fetch my Leckerbissen Box. I didn’t expected that, since I thought I’ll receive the next box in January.

Again I hoped for a Christmas box… but again (unfortunately) not. Nonetheless this is my favourite box so far. That’s because, it’s all about chocolate and sweet treats. Besides chocolate it contained nuts and berries covered in chocolate, as well as tea and a macadamia nut spread. Since then I only knew the tea and the spread. I don’t buy sweets that often, but when I buy somethings it’s mostly chocolate (since it’s so difficult to make at home 😉 ). Besides, a lot of these items can be potential gifts..

2. dm Leckerbissen Box im Dezember 2012

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  1. Alice says:

    Die Box hätte mir auch gefallen 🙂 aber bei den dm-Boxen hatte ich bis jetzt leider noch nie Glück – ich hoffe das ich beim nächsten Mal ein Abo erwische!

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