Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Update: Für das deutsche Rezept nach unten scrollen!

Time flies by. And in between, we were ill for a whole week. Both. Bah! We ate nearly nothing the whole week. We didn’t need to go to the farmer’s market the weekend after, because it was everything still there from the weekend before.


 I have to get rid of those winter vegetables, which are going on my nerves, as well as this whole winter thing. I mean after half the winter, I’m sick of all the winter vegetable „variety“. But after the summer I’m NEVER tired of the summer fruits and vegetables. I want asparagus and raspberries and tomatoes throughout the year. I want to live in Florida, if it comes to fruits and vegetables. But I am willing to compromise on this… southern Spain or Italy may be as well nice.


 After leaving the dreams alone on their sunny meadow… sorry dreaming again… I needed to get rid of some cute baby fennel. So we created this delicious pizza, which is easy and made with our favourite pizza dough (recipe from the great Jamie Oliver). The pizza is made with winter vegetables, but a reminder of the sun. Because pizza is always a reminder of the sun, because…  well it’s Italian.

The dough is enough for a pizza with thick base. Which we like! But from time to time it’s also good to take a bit of the dough and make some garlic bread as a starter and use only the rest (maybe 4/5) for the pizza.


Vor einem Jahr: Gemüse mit Quinoa


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  1. colores sagt:

    You were missed! Nice to see you again! and with a yummy recipe! great! kisses

  2. Sasa sagt:

    I hear you – I miss summer and summer produce but live in a snowy snowy place – Austria. Funnily, I am eating homemade pizza right this minute, though with cheese and tomato, not fennel ^_^

  3. Great idea. Pizza is the perfect vessel to use up vegetables.

    I actually love winter, but that's probably because we have a mild one here. I usually countdown the days of summer as it's often so humid and horrible!

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