In September I was invited by the Californian Walnuts to Stuttgart. Heiko Antoniewicz was also there and baked with walnuts. But I just had to read Heikos name and I was in! Which was a very good decision! I didn’t know what to expect, but for sure not that we had to bake ourselves. Fooled I was! The walnuts planned a “little” baking challenge. Uh,uh! To be creative in an […]

Recently I visited the second Foodlbloggerbarcamp with 80 other food bloggers in Berlin! I was excited as I have never been to a barcamp before and also the idea was quite new to me. Of course, it is always a pleasure to get to know the virtual contacts in reality! At a barcamp knowledge is passend on the participants from the participants in 45 minutes sessions. Topics are created very spontaneously […]

Ich möchte heute ein bisschen Werbung machen für ein Foodblogger-Treffen in Würzburg. Das Treffen wird im Oktober/Anfang November statt finden. Zur Terminerörterung gibt es ein Doodle, das Petra von Brot und Rosen eingerichtet hat. Bei Noémi von Sammelhamster gibt es alle weiteren Infos und den tollen Frankenbanner. Wer also Lust und Zeit hat, schaut dort mal vorbei. Ich freu mich schon drauf!     This is an announcement for a […]