Sunday, 22nd May 2016

I recently watched the film plastic planet. Have you watched it, too? Although I am not a plastic fan, it was a wake up call for me. Luckily not only for me, but also for my other half, which makes things a lot easier ;). The plan now is to avoid plastic as much as possible.

You might ask why and what is so bad about plastic anyway?

  • Everyone of us absorbs plastic particles every day. Through the skin, through mucosae and through food.
  • Plastic changes your hormonal balance and leads to infertility (a small snippet of studies: 1, 2)
  • Plastic does need 450 years until it is decomposed. Imagine alone the piles of garbage caused by diapers!
  • Plastic is only recycled partly: 42% in 2013, 57% was burned (Germany, source). And this in a country, which is highly engaged in recycling! In the U.S. only 25% are recycled, 31% in the UK. Now, imagine how the outcome is in countries, that are even less engaged or do not care at all!
  • According to the Federal Environment Agency between 100 and 142 million tons of garbage are in the oceans, 75 – 80% of this are plastics.
  • Microplastic is so tiny, that marine creatues mistake it with plankton: When plastic decomposes toxic and hormonally effective additives, like plastizicer, flame inhibitors and UV filter, can be given to the marine environment or the organism, who ingests it. Moreover, persistent organic pollutants (POPs – like pesticides, like DDT or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)) from the surrounding water can bind themselves to microplastic particles in a high concentration and via the marine life, which ingests the plastic as nourishment, get to the food chain. Additives and pollutants with potential carcinogenic and mutagenic effects and other impacts can accumulate in the body tissue (source).
    In this relation I also want to make you aware of the wonderful project the ocean cleanup!

You will gain an insight watching the movie Plastic Planet, which I heartly recommend:

On the site of the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung you can watch the movie full-lenght for free in German!

We were never plastic lovers, because we prefer wood and ceramics optical and haptically. But of course there are lot of little things in the household, which can be easily give up or should be given up. And did you already think of all that plastic in which your vegetables and fruit are wrapped?

In the future I want to give you new food for thought on this topic, share what I have on my mind and what my problems are. Are you on board?

If you want to read something about this topic I recommend you the books Plastikfreie Zone: Wie meine Familie es schafft, fast ohne Kunststoff zu leben* by Sandra Krautwaschl (only in German), but also No Impact Man*. Those titles help you to reflect and to think about our behaviour.

Very interesting is also this short documentary about a family which lives 4 weeks without plastic. The blood of all family members is examined before and after regarding pollutants. Alarming!

If every one of us does change his/hers habits a little bit, we would change a lot in summary. Just give it a thought!

Those 1,5 hours for the movie are a very good investment!

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