Wednesday, 10th March 2010

tofuballs with tomato sauce

Since I’m really a bit out of time… with EVERYTHING, I hardly find the time to blog.

Actually I want to write about icecream, but I haven’t seen through the photos yet and some are still on the camera waiting to be downloaded.

Actually I have to learn. Don’t say something! Foodmicrobiology… Right. Slightly unmotivated, but interested. That’s what I am at the moment. Difficult mixture. But if you could see how much it is to learn and how slooooowly I’m getting forward…

Actually I really would like to give you the recipe of the cake in the kitchen. Freshly baked, warm and smelling of lemons all the way through. Mmmh yummy. It’s an old recipe of my grandma. And I would tell you, but it’s for work tomorrow and it’s not nice to cut one piece out. People would ask where the one piece is gone. And if I say then “Oh I had to photograph it.”, they would think I’m gone crazy. The other way would only be… well I could’nt wait and ate the piece. So no options for me. And for you. Until I bake it again. Or if there’s a rest tomorrow. Haha, you don’t know my collagues at work ;)!

Actually I have promised some people out there, that I will post that recipe soon, because it’s so delicious. Even if you don’t like tofu! Ok, that was about 6 weeks ago.

Actually the time has come to share this recipe with you, which I adapted from the lovely book Meine Sonnenküche by Virginie Besançon. It’s a book full of vegetarian recipes from the region of south France or just with the typical ingredients. First I just wanted the book, because of it’s pictures ;). But what I really like, is that there are recipes with ingredients typical for every season.

tofuballs with tomato sauce

I know there are lot of people out there, who say “urgh tofu, don’t eat/like it”. But believe me, try this recipe and you will be surprised , how good tofu can taste. And it’s not just the taste, that is convincing, it’s also the texture of the balls. The balls come along with a tasty tomatoe sauce a la provençal. I made my own one, but you can also use bought one in glasses or your canned own one, if you have.

tofuballs with tomato sauce


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