Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010

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Gemüse mit Quinoa

Feeling like spring is coming over. Unfortunately winter in Germany is not thinking the same. We had a lot of problems with the masses of snow in Germany, up to the icebound island of Hiddensee. I’m sick of winter and snow and the cold!

Since I cannot do anything about that, I make myself a little bit warmer with food feeling like spring. Less meat, more vegetables.
And I’m juggling with trying new things, like quinoa. So it occurs, that this dish is gluten-free. Just another coincidence. If you do not have quinoa, you can also make some rice, maybe some wild rice? But I recommend you the quinoa. It gives you another flavour. A slightly flavour of nuts. Also it’s kinda lighter. I can’t describe it really, you have to taste!

Gemüse mit Quinoa

For making the quinoa I used my rice cooker, which worked perfect. But if you don’t have one, you can just make it in a saucepan on the stove.

You can vary the vegetables you use. Also available and fitting now are mushrooms, fennel or some squash for example. In summer you can use zucchini, tomatoes or cucumber and you can eat it cold as a salad with some fruit vinegar like quince vinegar. See, I’m already dreaming of summer!

Gemüse mit Quinoa


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  1. El sagt:

    This looks like a perfect light and healthy dish. Thanks for sharing the recipe…and a taste of spring!

  2. eva sagt:

    Hi Lena, today is Mardi gras, so called in France, I don't know the english word. But I am sitting at the awo fürth, as almost every day! I'll try to write in english, pretty difficult. I have to go to south africa soon, for practise my english. By the way, I hope your are okay and I'm looking forward to march, 28. to meet you at oma's birthday! Have a nica time! Eva

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