I already listed my food sources in a blog post. But there will be more sources to discover. Here is the site I will give you a summarization of all markets or shops I prefer to go shopping for food or food related things. If I find a great shop in another city of country, that I recommend, here is the place to find it.

The list is sorted by countries/cities and then what you find there and where (meat, vegetables, eggs etc.).



Cheese, fresh pasta, bread, vegetables, fruits and more from the region: 

  • Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstr. 42/43, Berlin Kreuzberg: beautiful alternative market hall with products from the region, there’s also the possibility to eat and drink something 

Cookies and pastries: 

  • Salut Backwaren, Schlesische Straße 1, Berlin-Kreuzberg: turkish bakery with delicious cookies and pastries (sweet and salty, not just oriental style) 


spanish, italian and greek groceries:

Mitte Meer, Gotlandstr. 6-10, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg (also in Schöneberg and Charlottenburg): pasta, fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, wurst, prosciutto, cheese, wine, oil, vinegar from Spain, some also from Italy or Portugal






Spices & Dried Herbs:

  • Wurzelsepp, Hauptmarkt 1, 90403 Nürnberg: I buy all my spices and dried herbs there. The quality is amazing, as well as the variety. It never happened to me, that I searched for something and they couldn’t help me. Also they are super friendly there. My favourite food shop. They also have different open teas (they always have a pot with fresh tea for trying – lovely) and beauty products from L’Occitane and other brands.



Tea and Spices:

  • Teehaus Bachfischer, Kapellengasse 6, 93047 Regensburg: large range of tea and spices, great spice mixes for spice grinders


Swabian Jura (Schwäbische Alb)


Lorettohof, 88529 Zwiefalten: bread, rolls, cakes and other baked goods from the wood fired oven


  • Hohensteiner Hofkäserei, Heidäckerhof 1, 72531 Hohenstein-Ödenwaldstetten: they sell delicious cheese made of buffalo milk, including the best buffalo mozzarella “Albzarella”
  • Lorettohof, 88529 Zwiefalten: fresh goats cheese


  • Metzgerei Failenschmid, Parkstrasse 2, 72813 St. Johann-Gächingen: this butcher makes sausages from buffalo meat and sells buffalo meat from the Swabian Jura

Beautiful stuff, also culinary:




  • Adler Mühle Bahlingen, Eichstetterstr. 3, 79353 Bahlingen am Kaiserstuhl: up to 30 kg, you can also purchase the flour online, which is great for bread bakers without car
  • Tonmühle Ditzingen, Tonmühle 3, 71254 Ditzingen: Large range of organic flour, most of it Bioland quality
  • Sessler Mühlen: 3 mills in Renningen, Calw and Reutlingen make the Sessler mills.Buyable in every of their farm shops or at the Mühlrad in Bad Cannstatt

Bread and rolls:

  • Bäckerei Schurr, König-Karl-Straße 33, 70372 Stuttgart: They still make homemade bread, rolls and cakes, which you can see and taste! The rolls (especially the normal white ones and the pretzel rolls) are very good, as well as the pretzels. We didn’t liked the bread, however.
  • Hofpfisterei, Schulstr. 4-8, 70173 Stuttgart: The best bread to be known far and wide! They only have sourdough bread, which keeps fresh for days! I like the Weizenlaib best. They also have very good rolls, pretzels and pastries. In the time before carnival, it’s the only bakery which has real crullers “Krapfen” filled with rosehip jam.


  • Ölmühle Ditzingen, Johannes-Fuchs-Strasse 5, 71254 Ditzingen: sold at the oil mill, in various shops in the region and at one stall at the market Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt (Bauernmarkt Leutenecker). Offers sunflower, canola, walnut, almond, peanut, sesame, olive oil and a lot of other special oils. They offer some oils in organic quality.


  • Metzgerei Bienzle, Vaihinger Markt 7, 70563 Stuttgart (they have a second dependence in Stuttgart-Möhringen): very good meat and sausages (wurst), the sausages don’t contain flavour enhancer, gluten, lactose.
  • Metzgerei Allmendinger, Schießgasse 4, 72820 Sonnenbühl : Bioland meat, can be ordered monthly at the Mühlrad in Bad Cannstatt (the minced beef meat is very good!) or bought at the butcher in Sonnenbühl (near Reutlingen/Mössingen)
  • Paulinenhof, Degenhofer Straße 99, 71364 Winnenden-Hertmannsweiler: Bioland farm, member of the bäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch-Hall, with a small farmer’s shop, part of the sheltered workshops. They have pigs, cows, chicken and more animals. They only slaughter every few months, so you need to preorder. They only sell the meat right after slaughtering. They also have a nursery with flowers and vegetable plants.
  • Hoflieferant Munz, Stuttgarter Str. 23, 70469 Stuttgart-Feuerbach: An organic butcher in Feuerbach with sensational meat. The poultry is from a Bioland farm, the pork and the beef are from the Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch-Hall. The best beef we’ve ever tasted, was from here! Of course all this comes at a price. The Sausages weren’t to my taste.

Vegetables, fruits and young plants:

  • Sonnenhof: sells its own asparagus, strawberries, raspberries etc. depending on the season, as well as young vegetable and herb plants and flowers (recommendation). The farmer’s shop also has a small range of dairy products, vegetables, fruit, groceries, sausages and cheese (no valuation here). We didn’t liked the bread of the Eselsmühle.
    Depending on the season they have a pet’s corner with adorable bunnies and young chicken!


Market Stuttgart – Bad Cannstatt:

Fruits, vegetables & herbs:

  • Gärtnerei Geist (they also have a range of flowers): our favourite stand, with almost only local produce and a lot from their own farms.
  • Gärtnerei Gauß: a lot of own produce, its owner likes to grow with vegetables you don’t get here very often like watercress or pak choi
  • Gärtnerei Albeck: they only sell their own produce, which is all organic. They have the best tomatoes! And a lot of uncommon things like zucchini flowers, mini peppers, purple spring onions, almonds etc. (don’t mix it up with the Demeter stand, that sells everything, regardless of the season!). From time to time they also have lovey flower bouquets, moreover herb plants and beautiful flower, moss and wood arrangements. Before Advent they sell gorgeous Advent wreaths!


  • Ulrich Steinle: The market stand with almost just flowers (and a small range of vegetables) has the most beautiful flowers and bouquets for small money.


  • Käse Widmann: It’s the best place in Stuttgart to buy cheese! The owner Mr. Widmann also sells at the stand in Bad Cannstatt. It’s always a pleasure! They have a lot of stands in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg and even Hessen, as well as a shop in Waiblingen, look it up on their homepage!

Meat & Sausages:

  • Stefan’s Wurstlädle: Pork and pork sausages from the Schwäbisch-Hällische Landschwein, butcher in Waiblingen-Hegnach

Eggs & Poultry:

  • Eier Bleyer: A stand selling different poultry, rabbit, lamb, game. They sell buy organic eggs, that are Naturland certified from the Bromberghof in Sachsenheim-Ochsenbach.

Appe juice:

  • Bauernmarkt Leutenecker: A stand on the market, sellling delicious homemade apple juice. You can also buy the oils of the Ölmühle Ditzinge here. They also have a store in Remseck.


  • Weingut Häussermann: We like to buy wine here, from time to time wine tastings. Very nice and personal. Also sells organic fruits and vegetables.