Sometimes two great coincidences happen at the same time: I was able to pick up some organic limes and Deb of smitten kitchen blogged a recipe for key lime pie! I had to bake this pie immediately, since I love limes and pie! The only thing missing for the perfect pie is a pie dish in the right size! But it would have taken too long to buy one first. […]

Finally you can see spring! And we do not only notice because of the better weather, but because there’s rhubarb and wild garlic on the farmer’s market. I’ve already spotted some German asparagus, but it’s still really pricey, so I will wait. But we bought the wild garlic and rhubarb, of course. I have already a lot of rhubarb recipes on my blog (here, here, here, here and here), but […]

This time Ina and I picked two dishes. A Tartine with tarragon-flavoured slow-roasted cherry tomatoes and prosciutto (p 87) and coriander-flavoured carrot and zucchini tartlets (p 114). Everything for these dishes is right in season, so they should have the perfect flavour now. If you think a tartine is an easy and fast meal you are mostly right, but this one needs about 1 hour to roast the tomatoes. But, […]

The strawberry season hasn’t ended yet, but the Pick-Your-Own-Farms are mostly grazed off. Somehow we didn’t managed it this year to go there, but we picked raspberries and black currants. We had to buy strawberries for jam, because our supplies were almost empty and I can’t get over the year without homemade strawberry jam. Our market stand was very generous, since in 2 baskets were still 1 kg strawberries after […]

I made this tart not just for us, but also for revitalised Event of the Hüttenhilfe. The event’s name is “Fremdkochen” (in English something like “cooking unfamiliar”)  and takes 2 months. The root of the matter is cooking/baking a recipe from another foodblogger. Of course you link the original recipe with your duplicated recipe. On this way everyone discovers new blogs and supports their favourites. The theme of the event […]

  I’m back from Flanders! Bruges is such a beautiful city. You can just stay there for a couple of days, because there is so much to see and the beauty of the town is just overwhelming. Another pleasure was a shop there, called Dille & Kamille, which was heaven for everything in the kitchen. And it was cheap! If you’re ever in Belgium or the Netherlands, go there!   […]

Today I’m finally fighting against my writer’s block. I didn’t stop to photograph, or beware! cooking and baking. But when it came to blogging my head was blank. On the other side I had so many things floating around my head, because just recently I began to work on my diploma thesis. Which is a totally new territory to me. I would say “so we see what happens next”, but […]

Another rhubarb recipe, yes! Because you have to use rhubarb, as long as you get it. And this recipe is a hit! The recipe itself doesn’t read like one, but as soon as you’ve taken the first bite you’ll be convinced. A flaky, buttery crust with tart, mellow rhubarb and all this topped with crispy, spicy streusel! I mean, how should it become even better? The crust is really thin […]

Some time ago I already introduced you to an apple tart. Which is very good indeed. This is another apple tart, but the dough is folded like a galette and you can bake it freestyle without a baking pan, so I called it an apple galette. So no mix-ups possible. Also it’s a totally different kind of a “tart”.  I adapted the recipe from one of my all time favourite […]

As a child I didn’t like flan. It was too slippery and wobbly for me. Today I really like it. I like Flan, Crème Caramel, Crème Brûlée. And Crème Brûlée really works well. But as I tried to cook Flan some weeks ago, I wasn’t very successful. The caramel just didn’t want to caramelize. Then it didn’t wanted to harden in the moulds. I was really disappointed. And the worst […]

We took a week off. Spontaneously. The last months were full of work for both of us. And there is no end in sight. As we decided to skip a real vacation this year, it’s hard to relax. We spend our money on the new apartment and new bikes. Next year we want to make a huge journey. Across the pond. We are afraid already :). So last week we […]

I made those a while ago, but I never made it to post them. Now before the summer is all over again and plums are still in season I have to give it out to you. The galettes are easy to make. Only dough, plums and sugar, that’s it! I’m looking forward to autumn, but I also want to catch the last summer fruit, before there will be a long […]