This recipe moved quickly after it’s first baking into my classic repertoire. I’m now making it since years and every time when it’s rhubarb season this dish is the first to be made. In this recipe rhubarb is likely to be loved by everyone. The scoop of ice cream is not mandatory, it’s a must, because the crumble tastes a lot of better with the ice cream. Probably because of […]

For Easter I have the ultimate eggnog high: eggnog cupcakes. I got hooked on that. No, not the eggnog, the cupcakes. After discovering the light version of topping cupcakes with pudding cream, I’m delighted with them. My cupcakes will never be heavy! Promise! This cupcakes are also convincing with light- and fluffiness. The dough is a simple eggnog cake recipe, which works also great as a pound cake with the […]

 My first cupcakes on the blog! Hurray! First I have to explain to you, what “Donauwelle” is. Donauwelle is a typical German cake, which consists of two layers of cake batter, one plain, the other browned with cocoa. On the cocoa cake batter sour cherries are spread. After baking the cake and cooling, a vanilla pudding cream is spread on the cake. Finally the cream is coated with dark chocolate. […]

 Thanks to my favourite aunt, who gifted me a voucher for Christmas, I was able to buy a bunch of cookbooks last week. And in between that bunch was that little gem: Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache by Harry Eastwood. I read a review about this book and I was immediately hooked. Great thing about the book is that the author (who is a woman indeed) substitutes butter, flour and sugar […]

 Madeleines are a delicate thing. I love them and they are super easy to bake. Also they are delicious. But mostly only on the day they are baked, maybe the day after. After that they are dry, hard, just not delicious anymore. But my baked goods should last for a few days. That are just my expectations. I’m not baking things for only one day (except guests are expected). I […]

I made this tart not just for us, but also for revitalised Event of the Hüttenhilfe. The event’s name is “Fremdkochen” (in English something like “cooking unfamiliar”)  and takes 2 months. The root of the matter is cooking/baking a recipe from another foodblogger. Of course you link the original recipe with your duplicated recipe. On this way everyone discovers new blogs and supports their favourites. The theme of the event […]

  I’m back from Flanders! Bruges is such a beautiful city. You can just stay there for a couple of days, because there is so much to see and the beauty of the town is just overwhelming. Another pleasure was a shop there, called Dille & Kamille, which was heaven for everything in the kitchen. And it was cheap! If you’re ever in Belgium or the Netherlands, go there!   […]

Today I’m finally fighting against my writer’s block. I didn’t stop to photograph, or beware! cooking and baking. But when it came to blogging my head was blank. On the other side I had so many things floating around my head, because just recently I began to work on my diploma thesis. Which is a totally new territory to me. I would say “so we see what happens next”, but […]

Another rhubarb recipe, yes! Because you have to use rhubarb, as long as you get it. And this recipe is a hit! The recipe itself doesn’t read like one, but as soon as you’ve taken the first bite you’ll be convinced. A flaky, buttery crust with tart, mellow rhubarb and all this topped with crispy, spicy streusel! I mean, how should it become even better? The crust is really thin […]

We spotted the first rhubarb from Germany this year in the supermarket. But we had to lay our hands on it, nonetheless. At the farmer’s market they had the first German asparagus last weekend. But for 15 €/kg I can resist a few weeks more. Although I love asparagus, too. So at home we thought about what to do with the rhubarb. It didn’t want to make a cake, since […]

The March 2011 Daring Baker’s Challenge was hosted by Ria of Ria’s Collection and Jamie of Life’s a Feast. Ria and Jamie challenged The Daring Bakers to bake a yeasted Meringue Coffee Cake. Theses cakes were just gorgeous! We loved them both! The first was gone after one day. We had to bake a second one to get some photos of the product. And of course we loved them so […]

Some time ago I already introduced you to an apple tart. Which is very good indeed. This is another apple tart, but the dough is folded like a galette and you can bake it freestyle without a baking pan, so I called it an apple galette. So no mix-ups possible. Also it’s a totally different kind of a “tart”.  I adapted the recipe from one of my all time favourite […]