We hadn’t sweet dishes here for a while now, not to mention cookies. That has to change immediately! We are going straight to cookie season, that’s a fact (and I will give you some recipes then, indeed), but this is a recipe, which you can make throughout the year. These cookies aren’t just cookies, these are the luxury version of the famous chocolate chip cookies! The idea is from Joy […]

I made this for my exchange partner Jasmin from Elbmadame for the current issue of “Post aus meiner Küche” ( “Mail from my kitchen”) with the theme Very Berry! Jasmin already blogged about my parcel here! She really liked it and that makes me very very happy. Very Berry is a great theme, but also difficult to put into practice, if you want to send it by mail. Berries are […]

For the third Sunday in advent I’m providing you a recipe for super delicious chocolate cookies sprinkled with fleur de sel. Chocolate and coarse sea salt are such a great combo! If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a chance by now. These cookies are totally easy to make in no time (ok, minus the time for chilling the dough). Just the right thing, if you have no nerves […]

Last week I visited my beloved hometown. One evening I was out in a restaurant, where I ordered a chai tea after dinner. On the plate with the tea, there it was: a cantucchini, also known as biscotti di Prato (to be correct: it’s one biscotto and several biscotti). An Italian cookie specialty. Something I’ve never liked. That’s because every time, when I lied my hands on one of these, […]

Last week I told you about some Christmas gifts I will make. Today I present you two of them. I highly recommend both. Either as a gift or just for yourself. Both recipes are made in no time and are very easy.  Although I bake and cook almost everything myself, I never made gingerbread or lebkuchen, as we call them in German (gingerbread is confusing for me, as the lebkuchen […]

Today we are talking about Christmas cookies, or Weihnachtsplätzchen as we call them in Germany. It’s tradition here to bake in Advent. A lot of “Plätzchen”. So I began already before the 1.Advent and since then I made 5 different kinds. Unfortunately most of them are almost eaten. I don’t know where they all gone…  At least it speaks for itself, that they are good. Very good. Most of them […]

I never were really fond of shortbread. Scottish or not. We didn’t even tried some, as we were in Scotland last year. We just brought some home as a gift. I ate some of the gift myself. But I’m not ashamed, since it revealed the tastiness of shortbread to me. Scottish shortbread. I don’t know how Irish tastes or other. So I’m only referring to Scottish. Lately I thought again […]

The September 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Mandy of “What the Fruitcake?!” Mandy challenged everyone to make Decorated Sugar Cookies based on recipes from Peggy Porschen and The Joy of Baking. For this months challenge everybody should choose a theme. I chose simply “autumn”, because it’s everywhere present for me and I’m totally enjoying it. So I cut out some different shaped leaves with the cookie cutters and […]

These days it’s all about making research, testing recipes, baking and cooking. The reason is that some events are coming up. First event will be my blog anniversary next week. There will be a big surprise, where not just baking is involved! The second event will be the Daring Bakers in August. And the most important event will be a wedding in October. It’s not just important, because it’s a […]

I love some particular cookies, which are unfortunately very pricey and so I don’t buy them very often. For truth never. They are made of spelt flour; lemon and rosemary are added. By chance I tried a recipe last week, out of which came my almost beloved cookies. It wasn’t my intention to do so. But it was a nice discovery. I used a recipe from Joy. I adapted it […]

Since on the 20. March was Macaron Day I decided to show you my latest accomplishment in macarons. Yes, there exists a special day for macarons! In Paris are special shops, that sell macarons all day long and on macarons day you can get some free! Unfortunately I never had the chance to be there (on macarons day or sometime else). As macarons are not very popular in Germany, ok […]

Last week I wrote about the Daring Baker’s challenge Nanaimo Bars, which were gluten-free. For that I needed gluten-free Graham Cracker, which I also made. And I promised they are worth an extra post. Here they are! I loved the “Cracker”(which are another type of cookies and have nothing in common with other savoury crackers), since I tasted the dough out of the kitchen machine. It tasted full, but not […]