It’s summer and the ice machine is churning. Since last summer I tried a lot of recipe from Eis – Eiscreme, Sorbet, Granité, Eis am Stiel, Eistorten und Parfaits hausgemacht*. This book by Elisabeth Johansson from the AT Verlag has a lot of interesting recipes and beautiful food photos! In spring I already introduced you to the delicious chocolate ice pops with hazelnuts and chocolate glaze. And we already tasted piña […]

Slowly it looks like spring is coming, actually! I removed the fake fur from my coat and that means ice cream is in season again! Not that you can’t eat ice cream also in winter, but I just can’t, when it is that cold outside. I start ice cream season with creamy velvety chocolate ice pops coated with a crunchy chocolate layer and garnished with roasted hazelnuts! They taste that […]

Summer, sunshine, ice cream! It will be especially refreshing with some goats cheese ice cream with strawberry swirls! Goats cheese in ice cream? Yes, that’s possible and taste delicious! The subtle flavour of goats cream cheese harmonizes very well with fruit. Besides strawberry, raspberry or cherry would also be great. According to the season this ice cream can be modified easily. On the photo I used my latest bargain from […]

Yes, you heard right! Piña Colada Ice Cream! A cocktail made into ice cream is just the right thing for this weather! Although I’ve to admit, that every kind of ice cream is just right for this weather. I’m a huge sucker for Piña Colada and what would be more obvious to make ice cream out of it? Said and done! So I made a caribbean ice cream for you […]

Small refreshment, anyone? With these temperatures you sure will! This white currant sorbet is just the right thing for that! I got beautiful white currants at the farmers market and I used them to make this easy peasy sorbet. If you can’t get any white currants, red ones are fine, too, of course. There’s no difference in taste. After the weather has been so cold and rainy before July, I’m […]

I love love love this ice cream with peanutbutter and crunchy chocolate chips! And I love the book from which the recipe is, which is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream at Home by Jeni Britton Bauer. I already recommended you this book last year and now at the peak of ice cream season I’m recommending it again strongly! For a more detailed review of the book hop over to the Kuriositätenladen, […]

Even if the summer wants to fool with us, there is no reason not to gobble down a lot of ice cream! I can tell, that this month I will be featuring a lot of ice cream recipes! Beginning with these lovely yogurt-cucumber ice pops with mango. The basis is a frozen yogurt streaked with grated cucumber and an exotic mango swirl! This creamy deliciousness can be made in ice […]

When our farmer has the world-best peaches, I purchase a lot. They only have them once or twice during the summer. I admit, I preorder them, so I’m sure to get some, as we are not those early birds on the market. 2 kilograms are waiting in our fridge from the last weekend, from which I will make jam today. I made different things from the first batch, but the […]

I don’t like coffee. I don’t drink any coffee. But there is one exception: Iced coffee. That powdered stuff from a can. But I like it and everyone has to have a guilty pleasure in a convenience product. Iced coffee is mine. Probably I like it so much, because it doesn’t has much in common with real coffee. Recently a ice cream maker with compressor  moved in. Finally! After the […]

This recipe moved quickly after it’s first baking into my classic repertoire. I’m now making it since years and every time when it’s rhubarb season this dish is the first to be made. In this recipe rhubarb is likely to be loved by everyone. The scoop of ice cream is not mandatory, it’s a must, because the crumble tastes a lot of better with the ice cream. Probably because of […]

Frozen Yogurt is something I admire, since years and years ago, a Frozen Yogurt shop opened in Erlangen – a city nearby my home town. Unfortunately I can count the opportunities I had to eat there. I didn’t found something comparable here or in Nürnberg.   But we have an ice cream maker! The great thing about this frozen yogurt is, it’s totally easy! No heating and cooling egg-mixtures, no, […]

The July 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Sunita of Sunita’s world – life and food. Sunita challenged everyone to make an ice-cream filled Swiss roll that’s then used to make a bombe with hot fudge. Her recipe is based on an ice cream cake recipe from Taste of Home. I admit I’m a bit late for posting the challenge. I already made most of the bombe some days […]