There are only a few things that are as essential as a loaf of bread. For me the last home baked bread, made with my own sourdough, is already too long ago. Fate seemed to be against me, killing first not only my first rye sourdough, but also its successors, and soon after that the wheat starter followed as well. So yes. I needed fresh dough. Because self-made bread is […]

I’m back from vacation and after 6 weeks I’m totally relaxed, but not ready for the next step to come (writing application). The trip was great, but I’m so glad that I can finally prepare my own food again. First culinary thing I made after we came home was to bake a bread. Ok first feed the starter overnight, then bake the bread. This is my favourite bread so far. […]

Bread is such a German thing. We could be proud of our “bread roots”, but instead, almost all bread that is sold here, doesn’t deserve that name. Don’t get me wrong. The variety is huge, but the taste and shelf life are lacking and the number of ingredients is rising. Baking my own bread was going around in my head since months. Lots of food bloggers, blogged about making their […]