This is my perfect comfort food! I love every detail  in this dish: the lentils, the cabanossi (feel free to omit these for a vegetarian version, it’s still great then) and roasted beetroots, which is the best way to make them. Refined with a decent portion of red wine, pureed tomatoes, carrot and celeriac, oregano, smoked paprika (a great ingredients, because it gives dishes an extraordinary taste) and chilli. Beluga […]

 Madeleines are a delicate thing. I love them and they are super easy to bake. Also they are delicious. But mostly only on the day they are baked, maybe the day after. After that they are dry, hard, just not delicious anymore. But my baked goods should last for a few days. That are just my expectations. I’m not baking things for only one day (except guests are expected). I […]

I made this tart not just for us, but also for revitalised Event of the Hüttenhilfe. The event’s name is “Fremdkochen” (in English something like “cooking unfamiliar”)  and takes 2 months. The root of the matter is cooking/baking a recipe from another foodblogger. Of course you link the original recipe with your duplicated recipe. On this way everyone discovers new blogs and supports their favourites. The theme of the event […]

Some time ago I already introduced you to an apple tart. Which is very good indeed. This is another apple tart, but the dough is folded like a galette and you can bake it freestyle without a baking pan, so I called it an apple galette. So no mix-ups possible. Also it’s a totally different kind of a “tart”.  I adapted the recipe from one of my all time favourite […]

8°C. That’s it, what the thermometer is saying outside. To cozy up yourself, this pumpkin-apple-soup helps. And it’s fast and easy done. Especially if you are using a pumpkin, that softens in minutes. We had luck, that F. parents gave us a huge one from their garden, that softens so fast and tastes so good. I don’t know what kind it was, so I’m not a helper here. But if […]

Tomorrow I will take a few days off and go home to Nuremberg. There I will visit the Biofach. The Biofach is a fair, where producers of organic food, clothes, cosmetic and body care products expose their (new) products. You can taste new products and see products, that are not on the market yet. I’m very looking forward to that event, since I haven’t been there yet and I ‘d […]

Have I already told you about my autumn mood? Ok, ok I see… But the result amongst others is this delicious fabulous looking apple tart, which I adapted (another time) from Michel Roux great book Pastry. I love this book! It’s worth every cent and it’s not even expensive. Every type of pastry is described with recipes, sweet or savoury, he has it all. But back to the tart! Or […]