Actually I wanted to blog more asparagus recipe this season, but I just didn’t manage to do it! Soon the asparagus season will be over again, but maybe this year it will be delayed a bit, because it was so cold and rainy? I would love that, since it was more difficult to get green asparagus this year. This recipe is amongst our favourite ones with green asparagus. It’s from […]

New habit: every weekend I present you a new recipe with wild garlic! Ok ok, the season will soon be over, but still I have another great recipe today and maybe next weekend, too, since I bought another bunch wild garlic yesterday. Oops! But I think 1 bunch of wild garlic per week in season is a good dose to enjoy it without getting sick of it too fast. As […]

Since I didn’t had any recipes with wild garlic on my blog since recently, I have another recipe within a week for you. I have to make up the lost time, right? I love love love dumplings! My favourite dish since childhood are dumplings with sauce. Potato dumplings, of course. Although one is never enough, it should be more like three. Moreover it has to be a Franconian potato dumpling […]

Finally you can see spring! And we do not only notice because of the better weather, but because there’s rhubarb and wild garlic on the farmer’s market. I’ve already spotted some German asparagus, but it’s still really pricey, so I will wait. But we bought the wild garlic and rhubarb, of course. I have already a lot of rhubarb recipes on my blog (here, here, here, here and here), but […]

The strawberry season hasn’t ended yet, but the Pick-Your-Own-Farms are mostly grazed off. Somehow we didn’t managed it this year to go there, but we picked raspberries and black currants. We had to buy strawberries for jam, because our supplies were almost empty and I can’t get over the year without homemade strawberry jam. Our market stand was very generous, since in 2 baskets were still 1 kg strawberries after […]

Now it’s elderflower time again. For sure, I won’t miss it! We already were busy in picking the flowers. In our area a lot of elder bushes are growing, especially on the way to our field. Unfortunately a lot of them are right beside the street. At least since Hugo everyone knows elderflower syrup, but jelly isn’t so popular yet. But that’s how you get the flowers right onto your […]

Finally I present you a hearty meal again here. And the first asparagus recipe on the blog! We prefer the green asparagus over the white one. The green one is so juicy and crunchy and more versatile in my opinion. We just love it! But I will give the white one another chance soon, as I want to prepare it in a oven bag. I just read that it is […]

Actually I wanted you to offer something, that is not sweet again. But the sweet things are so delicious at the moment. And than I made this rhubarb syrup. Just this weekend. And it’s that good, I have to blog it now. The syrup is that darn good. I tried rhubarb syrup already last year, but it wasn’t delicious at all. But this one is. Definitely. I also think this […]

This recipe moved quickly after it’s first baking into my classic repertoire. I’m now making it since years and every time when it’s rhubarb season this dish is the first to be made. In this recipe rhubarb is likely to be loved by everyone. The scoop of ice cream is not mandatory, it’s a must, because the crumble tastes a lot of better with the ice cream. Probably because of […]

  I’m back from Flanders! Bruges is such a beautiful city. You can just stay there for a couple of days, because there is so much to see and the beauty of the town is just overwhelming. Another pleasure was a shop there, called Dille & Kamille, which was heaven for everything in the kitchen. And it was cheap! If you’re ever in Belgium or the Netherlands, go there!   […]

Another rhubarb recipe, yes! Because you have to use rhubarb, as long as you get it. And this recipe is a hit! The recipe itself doesn’t read like one, but as soon as you’ve taken the first bite you’ll be convinced. A flaky, buttery crust with tart, mellow rhubarb and all this topped with crispy, spicy streusel! I mean, how should it become even better? The crust is really thin […]

We spotted the first rhubarb from Germany this year in the supermarket. But we had to lay our hands on it, nonetheless. At the farmer’s market they had the first German asparagus last weekend. But for 15 €/kg I can resist a few weeks more. Although I love asparagus, too. So at home we thought about what to do with the rhubarb. It didn’t want to make a cake, since […]