Fats and oils do not sound very attractive, right? But without fats taste is limited and you need fats for some vitamins to be taken in from the body. Clarified butter My number one fat! I am THE largest supporter of clarified butter! My grandma always did say, that the food will be only really good, if you use clarified butter. And she was right! I am making my clarified […]

I’m making this garlic confit regularly for a long time now. Garlic confit is just perfect in dishes where you add the garlic normally raw, like salads, dressings, spreads, creams, etc. because the garlic loses some of its sharpness due to the cooking process in oil. Also the garlic gains a mild rich flavour. I can’t even stand raw garlic (or even worse raw onions), because I always end up […]

Mostly I use clarified butter for cooking and roasting. My grandmother gave me the good advice to use only clarified butter for cooking. And she cooked really great, she knew what she was talking of! I also love the taste of butter without burning it. I like cooking with clarified butter much better than with sunflower or olive oil. Not just because I think it’s easier to use, but also […]

These beauties are my latest experiments.   This is the first time I’ve mixed them up. But I’m sure,  they will turn out great. Because how shouldn’t liquor, oil and vinegar with these ingredients turn out great?! I’ve made liquor before. With elderflower or peaches. I made the elderflower one this year again. It’s perfect. So if you can still lay you hands on elderflowers, pick them immediately and make […]