Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

[Advertisment] Cold november evenings are made for sitting on the couch watching series, reading a book or knitting along. Warm november afternoons are best spend on the balcony with the face in the sun. A warm drink is the best company for both. November with its last golden sun rays calls for the golden warm bourbon. I pack the bourbon in a warm hot toddy to prevent being cold. To […]

I know I told you that the spätzle asparagus salad would be the last asparagus dish for this season, but I changed my mind ;)! As I was on vacation in May I had to indulge in the rest of asparagus season and this lukewarm asparagus salad with nuts and orange is so unbelievable good, that I cannot wait until next year to tell you the recipe! Since ages this […]

You have some carrots left from making the awesome carrot top pesto? Then this is the right dish to use them: oat porridge with carrots, coconut and orange! At the weekends I love to have a rich and cosy breakfast. But I’m really bad in deciding what to make. Rolls with a large range of toppings, waffles, pancakes, crepes or another totally different breakfast creation? This time I made porridge […]

Those of you following my facebook page, already know about this ominous salmon. I watered some of your mouths’ and then there was “only” cake again. The torture has now an end, but this also means, you have to make this gravlax now (so you can enjoy it at the weekend). You read more often now about gravlax on food blogs and in cookbooks, these days. But unfortunately most of […]

Summer is green salad time. In the time of June/July we ate 12 heads of lettuce, each enough for two meals! We harvested that much from our field. We couldn’t bear any green salad the last weeks. But using the same dressing every time doesn’t make it any better. In Nicole Stich’s book Geschenkideen aus der Küche (“gift ideas from the kitchen” in English) we came across a recipe for […]

Orangettes are candied orange peels, which are coated with dark chocolate. I sent this sweet treat to Mia from the blog Küchenchaotin. We were partners for the great project Post aus meiner Küche (mail from my kitchen), in which blogger (300 altogether) are sending treats from their kitchen to other blogger. The first round was announced under the theme “chocolate”. Who doesn’t wind up with an idea for chocolate treats?! […]

Today I introduce you into the world of homemade extracts. In Germany they are almost not known. Everyone knows them in North America and Great Britain in a large range of flavours. They are used in a lot of recipes, especially in baking recipes. So far I made three different flavours of extracts: vanilla, lemon and orange. Of course you can buy these or substitute them with vanilla beans, and […]

 After the huge sugar shock of the last days there is something hearty here again. Lovely deliciousness with orange zest and juice and prosciutto. A light and springlike meal. I love pasta dishes and this one is a bit unuasual, but nevertheless totally scumptious. Also this dish is cooked in just a few minutes with only a few ingredients. A perfect quick family meal. The recipe is from The Bitten […]

 Thanks to my favourite aunt, who gifted me a voucher for Christmas, I was able to buy a bunch of cookbooks last week. And in between that bunch was that little gem: Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache by Harry Eastwood. I read a review about this book and I was immediately hooked. Great thing about the book is that the author (who is a woman indeed) substitutes butter, flour and sugar […]

Four weeks until Christmas. It’s time to begin with baking Christmas cookies. Okay, I’ve began already two weeks ago, some boxes are already filled. The other will follow soon. So two weeks ago I searched the internet up and down, looking for something new to bake. Nothing of my cookie recipe collection applied to me. I wanted some new aromas, without making something too extraordinary. Then I found these cookies […]