This recipe is placed with the elobarate recipes in the book and that just hold me back a bit. But that’s totally unfair, since the recipe is made in no time at all. Moreover, if you make it with some of my adjustments. The recipe suggests to use homemade ladyfingers, but I didn’t had any intentions to make my own. Luckily I had some bought ones at home. The suggested […]

Finally we also have hot hot hot summer weather. To enjoy and celebrate this duly it’s time for some Gelato. Some weeks ago I bought David Lebovitz‘ book The Perfect Scoop, which was a perfect purchase. Even if you are not in making some ice cream it is just a pleasure to read it. But back to the ice cream. We decided to try the raspberry-chocolate one first, because I […]

Since on the 20. March was Macaron Day I decided to show you my latest accomplishment in macarons. Yes, there exists a special day for macarons! In Paris are special shops, that sell macarons all day long and on macarons day you can get some free! Unfortunately I never had the chance to be there (on macarons day or sometime else). As macarons are not very popular in Germany, ok […]