After the gluttony of Christmas and New Years Eve people want to concentrate on healthy, light food. Ok, some people. It’s not that I don’t like salads. I love salads that have a lot of going on in texture and where only little leavy greens are involved. The big problem with salad is that they are cold. Not good for someone like me who is freezing a lot. The good […]

I made this tart not just for us, but also for revitalised Event of the Hüttenhilfe. The event’s name is “Fremdkochen” (in English something like “cooking unfamiliar”)  and takes 2 months. The root of the matter is cooking/baking a recipe from another foodblogger. Of course you link the original recipe with your duplicated recipe. On this way everyone discovers new blogs and supports their favourites. The theme of the event […]

After one week I can finally reveal the secret I had to keep: Last weekend I made puff pastry for the first time of my life for the first challenge I did for the Daring Bakers. And it really was a challenge! Whilst rolling out the first two turns I only thought “Oh no this won’t work! It looks terrible!”. But hey, after that I thought “hm does’nt look that […]