Today I’m presenting a true classic on the blog: an italian lasagne with minced beef!  Lasagne is real soulfood, but you need some time for the preparation. Today I’m showing you my version of a lasagne with minced beef and béchamel sauce. Basically it is possible to make a lasagne from everything, so you can also make a lot of vegetarian versions and get creative about that! But every now […]

This recipe is placed with the elobarate recipes in the book and that just hold me back a bit. But that’s totally unfair, since the recipe is made in no time at all. Moreover, if you make it with some of my adjustments. The recipe suggests to use homemade ladyfingers, but I didn’t had any intentions to make my own. Luckily I had some bought ones at home. The suggested […]

For the quesadillas with zucchini and fresh corn I just made the tortillas from scratch. It’s totally easy and you need only 6 common ingredients! I evacuated the tortillas in batches and froze them. So it’s convenient to make some more. And with this tortilla supply many mexican dinners are about to happen here! I’m already looking forward to more quesadillas, tacos, burritos and wraps. I have the recipe for […]

I love mexican food! And in my opinion everything is better with cheese! So quesadillas must be my favourite dish of all mexican food ;). Until recently I thought quesadillas are a lot of work, until I made them myself and realized they are so easy! And you can pack a lot of leftovers from the fridge in them! That’s awesome, too! Of course, those quesadillas would be even better, […]

This curry is one of my quickest dishes and one of my favourite thai dishes, too! In the summer you can use a lot of fresh vegetables here to make a vegetarian dish, on the other side you can make it using most things from the pantry, the rests from the fridge and some fresh chicken or frozen prawns. I mostly use prawns when I didn’t have thawed any chicken, […]

We cook Thai from time to time, since Thai dishes are really easy, quick and fresh. One of my favourites is the red curry. A red curry is mostly a red curry, because it contains red curry paste. The other ingredients mostly differ and you can vary a lot. Therefore you can make a dish out of ingredients from the fridge, pantry and the freezer and in no time you […]

I’m in need of graham crackers, when I want to bake some cheesecake. Not any cheesecake, the American kind of. I just can’t stand the German ones. The American cheesecake is so much lighter and as I think much more scrumptious! This however has to do with the bottom (amongst other points), which consists mainly of graham crackers. Which are no cracker at all, but cookies, which you can buy […]

Today I have a classic for you! Beetroot Salad, in this case with yellow beetroot – which changes nothing in the flavour – made Franconian style. In Germany you can buy preserved beetroot salad, which tastes quite similar. I love this salad since childhood, but homemade is always best. The salad tastes fresher and you can adapt the firmness of the beets to your likes. This is still my favourite […]

It feels like a decade ago, when I pinned this recipe to our fridge, to cook it. The salad á la Nice needs a lot of fresh produce. But last weekend, thanks to our field, we had green beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, anchovies, tuna and potatoes at home. You would think, that there are too many things combined here to taste good. But we were surprised how tasty […]

I have a Thai cookbook, that accompanies me already some years and I love it ever since. Everything in there is delicious and easy to cook! It’s an all-time favourite. There I spotted the recipe for the purple rice pudding. Years ago, too, of course. But I’ve never made it, although it’s easy and delicious. Again. Ok, the purple rice may be a drawback. Over 1,5 years ago my mother […]

Last week I visited my beloved hometown. One evening I was out in a restaurant, where I ordered a chai tea after dinner. On the plate with the tea, there it was: a cantucchini, also known as biscotti di Prato (to be correct: it’s one biscotto and several biscotti). An Italian cookie specialty. Something I’ve never liked. That’s because every time, when I lied my hands on one of these, […]

I never were really fond of shortbread. Scottish or not. We didn’t even tried some, as we were in Scotland last year. We just brought some home as a gift. I ate some of the gift myself. But I’m not ashamed, since it revealed the tastiness of shortbread to me. Scottish shortbread. I don’t know how Irish tastes or other. So I’m only referring to Scottish. Lately I thought again […]