Kohlrabi is not quite my favourite vegetable. It just taste tastes too much like cabbage to me, but has quite a fantastic texture. Quite difficult. As a child I loved to snack it raw and I can’t remember that cabbagy taste. Really strange! After the original plants on our field were eaten by flea beetles, we planted new ones nonetheless. I confess, it was all about the colour! But I […]

As it’s strawberry season I chose the rice pudding with strawberries stewed in lemongrass and lime from page 230. You can read here about Ina’s cooking experience. I was a bit sceptical, since first I never used fresh lemongrass and second lemongrass and ginger in rice pudding? I didn’t know, if I would like that. But indeed I liked that! I loved it! Loved it a lot even! It’s one […]

  One of the first thoughts I had, when we where back home after our vacation was: ” what is a good gift for our neighbours for sitting our apartment and caring for our plants for 6 weeks”. Something home made of course. Since I’m in possession of Nicole Stich’s fabulous book Geschenkideen aus der Küche (yet, only in German) this question is much more easy to answer. So after […]

This is my entry to the wonderful kulinarischen Adventskalender (culinary advent calendar), which Zorra organizes again. It’s the first participation for me and I’m very happy about it. I’m proud to be part of this calendar, especially when I look at the entries made so far.   Already two years ago I bought a little book including a chocolate bar mould. First it was meant to be a gift, but […]

These beauties are my latest experiments.   This is the first time I’ve mixed them up. But I’m sure,  they will turn out great. Because how shouldn’t liquor, oil and vinegar with these ingredients turn out great?! I’ve made liquor before. With elderflower or peaches. I made the elderflower one this year again. It’s perfect. So if you can still lay you hands on elderflowers, pick them immediately and make […]

I never buy cookies. I told you. I have to make them by myself. But I can’t eat cookies always. Not even me! Sometimes I’m just longing for some crisps or crackers. Something salty, hearty. I’m getting hungry again… So for satisfying those cravings I needed to bake cracker. I mean it would be nice to make crisps by myself, but to be honest: Who would do such a crazy […]

  Just another comfort food. Just another perfect summer dish. Just a perfect snack. Just a perfect everyday dish. Just a perfect picnic dish. Just a perfect side dish for grilling. Just so many options for eating this wonderful, delicious and easy salad. It hasn’t deserved the word salad. I mean salad is something, that involves some lousy leaves of some green plant. It’s something, that doesn’t saturate. Attributes that […]

I love some particular cookies, which are unfortunately very pricey and so I don’t buy them very often. For truth never. They are made of spelt flour; lemon and rosemary are added. By chance I tried a recipe last week, out of which came my almost beloved cookies. It wasn’t my intention to do so. But it was a nice discovery. I used a recipe from Joy. I adapted it […]