This pasta with wild garlic, fresh goats cheese and pine nuts is one of my favourites and I wanted to blog this recipe for eternity! I make it every year, when there is wild garlic season and not only once! Not only, that I adore fresh goats cheese and pine nuts, but everything tastes good with it. The pasta is ready in no time and tastes just delicious! Seasonal soulfood […]

This zucchini salad with sheeps cheese, roasted almond flakes, lemon zest and mint is my discovery of the summer! I like zucchini a lot, but you have to prepare it properly. Roasting zucchini can make things worse. For this salad the zucchini are raw and peeled in long stripes. All ingredients convey a great freshness! The salad is just perfect for hot days and grilling! I took the recipe again […]

I’m admiring fava beans in a lot of english food blogs or cookbooks, but I’ve never seen them here in Germany! So last year I gave it a try and grew them on our field to satisfy my curiosity. I liked them very much and found them funny, too! It’s funny, that I discovered them last week in Rothenburg on the farmer’s market at the only vegetables stall there! I […]

As you might noticed before I like cocktails. In my opinion this years trend is bourbon and gin and for me the cocktail of the year is the julep! A julep isn’t a just a julep. It should be something extraordinary, too, so I created this pineapple julep with mint sugar! So delicious! I think pineapple is just the perfect juice for cocktails and mint is such a great herb, […]

Finally it’s time again for quiche! It’s a potato quiche with wild garlic, to be precise with wild garlic pesto. I’ve already seen and baked this quiche last year, but I blogged not 1,2, but 3 rcipes with wild garlic, then the season was over! And so I blog about it today! I can always enjoy some quiche, they are so delightful: crispy dough filled with delicious vegetables and topped […]

I love the messengers of spring time: wild garlic, asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries! It’s easy to make a lot of delicious treats of wild garlic, but the essence is best to enjoy with wild garlic pesto or some scrumptious wild garlic butter! Today we make pesto and in no time you have an amazing pasta dish on the dinner table which tastes like spring! A more eloborate dish which is […]

New habit: every weekend I present you a new recipe with wild garlic! Ok ok, the season will soon be over, but still I have another great recipe today and maybe next weekend, too, since I bought another bunch wild garlic yesterday. Oops! But I think 1 bunch of wild garlic per week in season is a good dose to enjoy it without getting sick of it too fast. As […]

Since I didn’t had any recipes with wild garlic on my blog since recently, I have another recipe within a week for you. I have to make up the lost time, right? I love love love dumplings! My favourite dish since childhood are dumplings with sauce. Potato dumplings, of course. Although one is never enough, it should be more like three. Moreover it has to be a Franconian potato dumpling […]

Watercress desperately in need was my theme for the last years! But since last week there’s one market stand that sells watercress and also grows it. I’m thrilled! I also noticed that the lettuce varieties on our market has increased. You can now also buy leaf lettuce, 3 years ago this was not possible. You might not notice that spring is approaching, because of the freezing temperatures (and the snow!), […]

After a long abstinence of recipes, I have this delicious potato terrine with goats cheese, basil and pine nuts for you! I made this a couple of weeks ago for our brunch and it was one of my favourite dishes on this day. I love to brunch. To go brunching, as well as to host a brunch. Unfortunately Stuttgart isn’t a brunching town, except you want to go to expensive […]

Those of you following my facebook page, already know about this ominous salmon. I watered some of your mouths’ and then there was “only” cake again. The torture has now an end, but this also means, you have to make this gravlax now (so you can enjoy it at the weekend). You read more often now about gravlax on food blogs and in cookbooks, these days. But unfortunately most of […]

When our farmer has the world-best peaches, I purchase a lot. They only have them once or twice during the summer. I admit, I preorder them, so I’m sure to get some, as we are not those early birds on the market. 2 kilograms are waiting in our fridge from the last weekend, from which I will make jam today. I made different things from the first batch, but the […]