Another step in the basic series today: vegetable broth! After I already showed you to cook game stock and beef stock, we are making vegetable broth today, which I use the most. I have now 5 kinds of stock in my pantry. The latest addition is duck stock, because I had some duck carcases leftover and they needed to be used up ;). I’m curious how it will taste. Are […]

For the quesadillas with zucchini and fresh corn I just made the tortillas from scratch. It’s totally easy and you need only 6 common ingredients! I evacuated the tortillas in batches and froze them. So it’s convenient to make some more. And with this tortilla supply many mexican dinners are about to happen here! I’m already looking forward to more quesadillas, tacos, burritos and wraps. I have the recipe for […]

For a long time I wanted to show how I make my stocks and broths. I don’t buy granulated broths anymore. I make vegetable, chicken, beef and game stock myself. So I avoid all these additives, which I don’t want in my food. The best thing about homemade broths is, that you can make delicious sauces and gravies and dishes taste so much better. The first risotto I used homemade […]

Sometime it just had to be said: We are huge cocktail lovers and drinkers! We like to sit in a bar for that reason, but beyond happy hour it’s just too expensive for some juice and a shot of booze. So we like to mix them ourselves. Few books about drinks and cocktails are sitting on my shelves between my cookbooks. But for mixing cocktails you need some main ingredients […]

We cook Thai from time to time, since Thai dishes are really easy, quick and fresh. One of my favourites is the red curry. A red curry is mostly a red curry, because it contains red curry paste. The other ingredients mostly differ and you can vary a lot. Therefore you can make a dish out of ingredients from the fridge, pantry and the freezer and in no time you […]

I’m in need of graham crackers, when I want to bake some cheesecake. Not any cheesecake, the American kind of. I just can’t stand the German ones. The American cheesecake is so much lighter and as I think much more scrumptious! This however has to do with the bottom (amongst other points), which consists mainly of graham crackers. Which are no cracker at all, but cookies, which you can buy […]

There are a lot of foods we buy without thinking. Things that can easily be made at home from scratch without ripping a bag or opening a bottle. I want to show you how. Making delicious food in a jiffy. Not a big deal, but a huge impact: better taste, less waste, no additives, you know what you eat. Today: Vanilla sauce Works with almost everything: cake, pie, apple strudel, […]

Those of you following my facebook page, already know about this ominous salmon. I watered some of your mouths’ and then there was “only” cake again. The torture has now an end, but this also means, you have to make this gravlax now (so you can enjoy it at the weekend). You read more often now about gravlax on food blogs and in cookbooks, these days. But unfortunately most of […]

I will now present you the best recipe of the summer, what am I saying, the year! I’m a really tomato ketchup lover! The stuff of my childhood still belongs to bratwurst and fish sticks for me! And the stuff of my childhood is bought from a global brand ever since, which is named like a relative of mine. You know I make a lot of things myself, but I […]

Today I introduce you into the world of homemade extracts. In Germany they are almost not known. Everyone knows them in North America and Great Britain in a large range of flavours. They are used in a lot of recipes, especially in baking recipes. So far I made three different flavours of extracts: vanilla, lemon and orange. Of course you can buy these or substitute them with vanilla beans, and […]

Today I have something totally different for you. Namely I decided not just to bring always the sweet stuff here. It’s nice indeed, but doesn’t reflect fairly our eating habits. Although it’s true, that there is always a cake or some cookies in the kitchen, and from time to time some dessert in the fridge. In any case I wanted to make some ravioli recently. For the filling I needed […]

Now, in the weeks before christmas a market stall on our market has game, too. Sometimes this, sometimes that. Recently we spotted some wild rabbit there, which we immediately bought. Not an everyday opportunity. Behind it, two bags with venison parures and bones, which I already eyed interested. After we made the curcuit in the shops, I had to have them. And that was wise, since I didn’t see some […]