Mostly I use clarified butter for cooking and roasting. My grandmother gave me the good advice to use only clarified butter for cooking. And she cooked really great, she knew what she was talking of! I also love the taste of butter without burning it. I like cooking with clarified butter much better than with sunflower or olive oil. Not just because I think it’s easier to use, but also […]

Another step in the basic series today: vegetable broth! After I already showed you to cook game stock and beef stock, we are making vegetable broth today, which I use the most. I have now 5 kinds of stock in my pantry. The latest addition is duck stock, because I had some duck carcases leftover and they needed to be used up ;). I’m curious how it will taste. Are […]

If you are lucky you might get some late blackberries and peaches for this delicious gluten-free crumble. Unfortunately I didn’t managed it to blog earlier, but as it fits with the gluten-free theme at the moment and as the combination of peaches and blackberries is that good (I wasn’t convinced at all before) I had to blog it nonetheless. I found the recipe in the gluten-free girls aka Shauna James […]

Pesto always rocks! And as you might noticed it doesn’t always have to be just basil (which is annoying, anyway, if you don’t have any basil at home). I already introduced you to cauliflower pesto, pea pesto and swiss chard pesto and today we are again in the vegetables section and it will be yellow! Beautiful yellow corn pesto! Maybe you don’t know what to cook with corn anyway, except […]

This bread wandered around in the english bloggersphere for months and after ignoring it first, I took a chance, bought some ingredients and baked it. Two times. It’s just that good. Sarah from My New Roots says it’s life changing. I can’t disagree. First I was quite sceptical, if this bread tastes good and if it tastes like bread after all. But after the first bite I didn’t even realized […]

My favourite soup! Ok, my favourite soup with carrots. But this recipe is one of those I’m using again and again every year. After the zucchini glut we now have a carrot glut! Recipe recommendations anyone? Besides using up some carrots, this soup is just the right dish after autumn showed up here. Spiced up with some coconut milk and cumin and then puréed finely this soup is a delight! […]

This recipe is on my blog list for a few weeks already, but since there are still a lot of beans in the garden it’s still in time! I really love green beans, but I’m still pondering what to do with them than the normal green bean dishes and green bean salad. The internet isn’t much help either since recipes with green beans don’t vary that much. In Simon Bryants […]

Yes, you heard right! Piña Colada Ice Cream! A cocktail made into ice cream is just the right thing for this weather! Although I’ve to admit, that every kind of ice cream is just right for this weather. I’m a huge sucker for Piña Colada and what would be more obvious to make ice cream out of it? Said and done! So I made a caribbean ice cream for you […]

Small refreshment, anyone? With these temperatures you sure will! This white currant sorbet is just the right thing for that! I got beautiful white currants at the farmers market and I used them to make this easy peasy sorbet. If you can’t get any white currants, red ones are fine, too, of course. There’s no difference in taste. After the weather has been so cold and rainy before July, I’m […]

Although this month will be mostly about ice cream, we habe a lot of vegetables from our field to eat. Some of you with an own garden themselves might know these situations having some sorts of vegetables in abundance. Our zucchini, cucumbers and the squash are quite late this year. But we have a lot of swiss chard, lettuce and different kind of beans at the moment. Last year I […]

I love love love this ice cream with peanutbutter and crunchy chocolate chips! And I love the book from which the recipe is, which is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream at Home by Jeni Britton Bauer. I already recommended you this book last year and now at the peak of ice cream season I’m recommending it again strongly! For a more detailed review of the book hop over to the Kuriositätenladen, […]

Even if the summer wants to fool with us, there is no reason not to gobble down a lot of ice cream! I can tell, that this month I will be featuring a lot of ice cream recipes! Beginning with these lovely yogurt-cucumber ice pops with mango. The basis is a frozen yogurt streaked with grated cucumber and an exotic mango swirl! This creamy deliciousness can be made in ice […]