8°C. That’s it, what the thermometer is saying outside. To cozy up yourself, this pumpkin-apple-soup helps. And it’s fast and easy done. Especially if you are using a pumpkin, that softens in minutes. We had luck, that F. parents gave us a huge one from their garden, that softens so fast and tastes so good. I don’t know what kind it was, so I’m not a helper here. But if […]

Autumn is coming finally. The leaves are falling from the trees, it’s not so warm anymore (but not cold yet) and everywhere you get the typical autumn food, like apples, pears, fennel and pumpkin. I love every kind of pumpkin or squash. Everytime I see another type, I have to buy it. Some weeks ago I bought a cooking magazine, which is all about pumpkins. I picked out one recipe, […]