The cold season is the time of citrus fruit. Although citrus are not growing here, the moderate climate in this time is just perfect for them in south Italy, Spain or Mallorca. The body is longing for vitamines, colour and fruits and the wonderful world of citrus can only sooth it. We like to order our fruit from Fet a Soller from Mallorca. The juice oranges are dreamy! The juice […]

Rhubarb jelly was a true discovery for me last year and since then I cannot imagine my jam pantry without it. I prefer mostly jams, which feature the main flavour of the fruit and not ones that are mixed with five other fruits and ingredients. I want to taste every ingredients and assign it properly. Therefore I do not favour four-berry-jams and stuff like that. Rarely there is a combination […]

Now it’s elderflower time again. For sure, I won’t miss it! We already were busy in picking the flowers. In our area a lot of elder bushes are growing, especially on the way to our field. Unfortunately a lot of them are right beside the street. At least since Hugo everyone knows elderflower syrup, but jelly isn’t so popular yet. But that’s how you get the flowers right onto your […]