Another step in the basic series today: vegetable broth! After I already showed you to cook game stock and beef stock, we are making vegetable broth today, which I use the most. I have now 5 kinds of stock in my pantry. The latest addition is duck stock, because I had some duck carcases leftover and they needed to be used up ;). I’m curious how it will taste. Are […]

For a long time I wanted to show how I make my stocks and broths. I don’t buy granulated broths anymore. I make vegetable, chicken, beef and game stock myself. So I avoid all these additives, which I don’t want in my food. The best thing about homemade broths is, that you can make delicious sauces and gravies and dishes taste so much better. The first risotto I used homemade […]

Now, in the weeks before christmas a market stall on our market has game, too. Sometimes this, sometimes that. Recently we spotted some wild rabbit there, which we immediately bought. Not an everyday opportunity. Behind it, two bags with venison parures and bones, which I already eyed interested. After we made the curcuit in the shops, I had to have them. And that was wise, since I didn’t see some […]

As I was ill the last two weeks, I wanted to do more for my blog. I made some things – I swear! But it happened, that those things were not good enough for my blog. Unfortunately. Now that I’m back to work, I’ve done some great things and even more great photos of it! But just no time to write. So this evening I just take the time. In […]