Thursday, 19th May 2016

No time and you are not up to cooking? Hey, I get you! But a balanced diet is everything, right?
These harissa carrots with fresh goats cheese, poached egg and lettuce on buttered toast is so easy and quick to whip together! And it’s just delish! Especially this combination of all the ingredients yields in a perfect mixture of aromas and textures.

This dish is also great for using up any leftovers! Old bread? No problem, toast it! The leftover greens in your crisper drawer are good here: lettuce, baby spinach, baby swiss chard or wild herbs. I love fresh goats cheese and have always some at home, but mozzarella, feta or something else you prefer is fine, too.

I steamed the carrots first in the oven, then cooked the normally with top/bottom heat. But you can also just bake them with top/bottom only.

Harissa-Möhren mit Ziegenkäse, pochiertem Ei und Salat auf Buttertoast

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    Ds klingt nach einer ganz wunderbaren Kombi 🙂
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