Sunday, 6th March 2016

We make a detour in the west of Thailand and visit the seven-step waterfall of Erawan in the Erawan national park.

The waterfalls are that special, because you can not only wander up to the top, but you can also bathe in basins! The water is beautifully turquoise and filled with fish, which nibble on your feet. The sight of the waterfalls is rewarding, if you manage to get up early and start climbing the waterfalls, when it opens. Otherwise you we be rewarded with thai people, who use the basins as their free swimming pool with floating tires and all the trimmings. A crowd of half-naked people on pictures is quite the turn-off and the reward for sleeping in. Hmpf.

Erawan Waterfalls

We had enourmous problems to find a possibility to stay overnight in the park. The rangers didn’t speak any English at all and weren’t of any help. “Fortunately” we hadn’t booked something there, although it would have been super convenient to be already there in the morning.

In the end we stayed in a resort, which was only meant for thai, because nobody spoke English there either ;). But we handled the situation bravely with hands and feet (and google translator) and stayed in a nice cottage. Beware of the “Erawan Resort”, which is near the entrance of the park! It looks nice from the outside, but inside it is totally rundown with cockroaches and an unfriendly landlady! Do not go there at all costs! There are almost no restaurants, but left side of the 7 Eleven (when looking at the 7 Eleven) is a family-run restaurant with very cheap food and very friendly people!

Erawan Waterfalls Nationalpark

After the ardous climbing (sturdy shoes, no flip flops!) we were done and decided to find a nice accomodation in Kanchanaburi. Originally we wanted so stay at Oriental Kwai, which is run by Dutch and seems to be great, but they renovated at the time. Some tips later we got a large clean room at the Good Times Resort. This is the point were it started that we didn’t wanted to miss a pool on this journey! It makes all the difference!

Kanchanaburi is mainly known for its bridge spanning the river Kwai. The original bridge is not existent, anymore, it was destroyed in the war. The build a new train bridge, which is now used as a photo motif. Kanchanaburi is not worth mentioning actually. But our hotel was new, situated in a beautiful garden with a small pool, where we relaxed the rest of the day. The dinner in the hotel was also good and the staff very friendly overall. Recommendation!

Good Times Resort in Kanchanaburi

On the next day we were on the road again and were positiv suprised as we found a temple with an entry shaped as a dragon. We walk through its jaw up the hill and find ourselves in the cave temple. From up there you have a beautiful view of the area.
The temple is terrific from the outside, called Wat Ban Tham and just a few minutes away from Kanchanaburi!

River Kwai Bridge in Kanchanaburi
The ongoing ascent via narrow stairs up to the stupas and the monastery on the hill isn’t worth the effort and very exhausting and narrow.

If you want see some different landscape (again) in Thailand this detour in the West is worth it!
Only for other activites in the national park (or anywhere else) it was just too hot and moist (it was May, then). The climate killed me. Unfortunately I am also chicken when it comes to every kind of insects, which is very inconvenient is areas like these :D.

blaue Eidechse in Thailand

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