Sunday, 7th February 2016


There are only a few things that are as essential as a loaf of bread. For me the last home baked bread, made with my own sourdough, is already too long ago. Fate seemed to be against me, killing first not only my first rye sourdough, but also its successors, and soon after that the wheat starter followed as well. So yes. I needed fresh dough. Because self-made bread is a delight that can hardly be explained.

And so one beautiful day my new sourdough starter was finished, and ready to be to a good use. His name is Eren… let’s see how this one will turn out. My fingers are crossed!

The bread that we are baking for Lena today is a mild one with mainly wheat. The adding of potatoes gives the bread a wonderful juiciness that helps making it stay fresh longer. The crust is not too thick and not to thin and the crumb is amazingly soft and fine pored. A perfect companion for cheese and a new favourite.

Kartoffelbrot aus dem Topf

Kartoffelbrot Anschnitt

Saurteig aus Roggenmehl

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  1. Littlejohnssewingmom says:

    Sehr lecker. Nimmt man das Kochwasser der Kartoffeln (natürlich gut geschrubbt) fürs Brot wird es noch kartoffeliger…

    Danke fürs Rezept!

  2. Ist es genauso möglich für das Anstellgut fertiges Roggenvollkornmehl zu nehmen? Danke Britta

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