Tuesday, 14th April 2015

Recently I was in Italy and of course I shopped a lot of groceries there ;). I discovered some italian specialties , like cima di rapa. When I see something special like this I have to buy it! What I will do with, I’ll figure out at home. In this case I made an easy, but very delicious pasta dish, which features the cima di rapa perfectly!

Cima di Rapa is broccoli rabe, which was also more known in Germany in older days. Cima di rapa are long stalks with a lot of leaves and some little florets, like of broccoli. It tastes also similar to broccoli, sometimes a bit bitter, but mine was mild, maybe because it was very young. Very large leaves and thick stems should be removed and discarded, because they are especially bitter. The thick stems are also not tender anymore. 

A very interesting vegetable, especially because it has a good mixture of leaves and stems. The stems are tender and crunchy and as those of broccoli very scrumptious!

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  1. Sia says:

    Liebe Lena,
    die Pasta sieht soooo lecker aus! Ich liebe Pasta in jeder Variante. Das Gemüse klingt wirklich sehr interessant.
    Viele liebe Grüße

    • Coconut & Vanilla says:

      Ich bin auch ein großer Pastafan! Als Alternative zum cima di rapa kann man auch Brokkoli mit den Stielen und seinen Blättern nehmen (wenn noch welche dran sind). Das ist zwar nicht das gleiche, aber ein leckeres schnelles Gericht ergibt das auf jeden Fall!
      Viele Grüße!

  2. Jassy says:

    Hallo Lena,

    dieses Gericht sieht sooooooooooooooooo köstlich aus! Eine ganze tolle Zusammenstellung! Fabelhafte Idee!

    Viele Grüße,


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