Sunday, 17th August 2014

Summer time, pickling time! Well, I already told you so, didn’t I? I can’t say it often enough ;). The second year I made pickled cucumbers, because the batch of last year was THAT good!

Seriously you won’t consider buying pickles again! The only flaw: you have to wait one month until they are infused and are ready to eat. But hey, then you can enjoy them all year long! 

Gewürzgurken, selbstgemacht, eingemacht!

I went through many recipes, but in the end I puzzled my own together, which I’m very satisfied with. 

By the way I’m sorting the cucumbers by size beforehand. And then I pack them into the jars to get an idea which sizes I will need. Although Weck jars are normally not my favourite jars I prefer them for pickling cucumbers, since they are just the right size and shape and they are very pretty, too. I used 1 l jars for larger cucumbers and  500 ml jars for middle sized and smaller ones. 

Gewürzgurken, selbstgemacht, eingemacht!

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