Saturday, 4th May 2013

Since I didn’t had any recipes with wild garlic on my blog since recently, I have another recipe within a week for you. I have to make up the lost time, right?

I love love love dumplings! My favourite dish since childhood are dumplings with sauce. Potato dumplings, of course. Although one is never enough, it should be more like three. Moreover it has to be a Franconian potato dumpling and not a little one, please. Yes, there are a few criteria and I am picky.

But I also love bread dumplings, no matter if they are made the classic way or with wild garlic, served with mushroom sauce or with goulash, I always love them.

I could dive deeper in the world of my beloved dumplings, like semolina dumplings, liver dumplings, bone marrow dumplings, I could probably write a blog completely entitled to dumplings ;).

Besides the wonderful taste the dumplings, I also like that you can eat the leftovers the other day. Either warmed up in hot water or sauce or pan fried in slices. You can also freeze them easily! Need I say more to let you fall in love with dumplings, too?

Bärlauch-Semmelknödel mit Pilzsauce

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  1. Juliana says:

    Oh ja! Ob Klösse oder Knödel, die esse ich auch für mein Leben gern.

  2. Debbie says:

    Das ist eine gute Idee – ich habe Bärlauch auf dem Markt gesehen, hatte aber keine Idee, was ich außer Bärlauch-Quark damit machen könnte!

  3. Mhmm, sieht das gut aus! Bei uns gab es am Wochenende Bärlauchspätzle mit Pilzsoße. Aber Knödel könnten mir auch noch sehr gefallen 🙂

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