Thursday, 6th December 2012

These are not the first gingerbread cookies I made. But these are so very different to those. Those were more than a cookie, like the traditional famous Lebkuchen vom Nuremberg. This time they are like a lighter gingerbread cookie, but a mellow one. Probably there are cookies like this to buy, but I don’t know there name (or from which brand). I just don’t take notice of things like that in the supermarket.

But I doubt it, that you can buy such delicious gingerbread cookies. First I was a bit sceptical, since flat gingerbread cookies tend to be hard and dry. But not these! The chocolate coating is a must and makes the gingerbread even better. These cookies are one of my favourites this season.

The dough makes a lot of cookies, but I have no doubt, that they are eaten since Christmas.

Gingerbread with Chocolate Coating

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