Sunday, 4th November 2012

Due to the new blog and the many posts in the last days, I didn’t manage to blog about this earlier.

Ina and I went for pancakes this time. These are flavoured with lemon and poppy seeds. We liked them a lot, and the poppy seed were perfect in these pancakes. The quinoa flour is also a great choice and brings a whole new flavour to shine.

The only negative point is, that the pancakes were quite different to flip, because their surface didn’t set. This means, you should make smaller pancakes and bake them on low heat, then flip them with a vim.

buttermilk, lemon and poppy seed quinoa pancakes


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  1. Sylvia says:

    Das mit Schwung wenden ist mir auch schon passiert. Na ja, beim nächsten ist man dann wenigstens schlauer… 🙂

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