Friday, 22nd June 2012

Ina picked this dish from page 180 this time. I was curious, since I wanted to make Shepherd’s Pie forever and that’s just the French brother. Béa did some changes to this dish, mainly she uses chicken instead of beef.

Unfortunately I didn’t liked the dish so much. What bothered me most was the texture. Why has the chicken to be puréed (medium fine), before it’s layered under the puréed vegetables? It puzzles me. Because of that I didn’t enjoy eating it. Great for kids, I’m sure, but far too mushy for me. The taste of the chicken was too flat for this dish, too. The mashed potatoes would have made a perfect pair with some strong beef stew. Overall I think it would be great, if the mashed potatoes were layered above some braised pieces of beef swimming in some dark sauce. Side by side or on top of another and scalloped: that’s just a great combination. So why change that? Some things are just good as they are.

Good thing: I tried it and I know now I have to try it again, just in some altered way. Isn’t that something, too ;)?

Hachis parmentier with chicken, lime, and coriander



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  1. marieluise says:

    Immerhin sieht es dafür ganz fantastisch aus!

  2. I wouldn't pure chicken, I agree with you. thanks for sharing those details!

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