Wednesday, 7th March 2012

Glutenfreier Orangen-Polenta-Kuchen

 Thanks to my favourite aunt, who gifted me a voucher for Christmas, I was able to buy a bunch of cookbooks last week. And in between that bunch was that little gem: Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache by Harry Eastwood. I read a review about this book and I was immediately hooked. Great thing about the book is that the author (who is a woman indeed) substitutes butter, flour and sugar completely or in parts with grounded nuts and grated vegetables. It’s for sure that vegetables naturally contain sugar and so it’s easy to omit some of it. And as you know from making carrot or zucchini cake/bread it’s always very luscious and that even after days! But Harry even uses red beets or parsnips. And that sounds amazing to me! As flour is substituted with grounded nuts or as in this case polenta, the recipes are also suitable for everyone living gluten-free. But the cool things is, that’s nothing special. That’s just the way the recipes are. And if you are not aware of that, you won’t even notice, because it’s not mentioned.

The layout of the book is like fresh from an English tea party. Classic, but frisky. Not every recipe comes with a picture, but every recipe comes with a sweet introduction of the sweet bites. So with that and your fantasy you can easily imagine every recipe without a picture. The book is bound solidly and has catchy thick sites, which I love. I overly recommend that book, if you want to try something totally new.

Glutenfreier Orangen-Polenta-Kuchen

The cake is an orange dream. Infusing it with an orange syrup after baking helps, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s a sticky cake. It’s not. In this cake grated carrots are used, so this is a real beginner cake, speaking of the choice of vegetables. This cake is saturating, without being heavy. So it’s recommended to use a 24 cm spring form or as stated in the original recipe a 22 cm square tin. By the way it would be presumptuous to say that the texture or the taste of the cake would imply that it’s gluten-free. You would never notice.

Glutenfreier Orangen-Polenta-Kuchen

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