Sunday, 20th November 2011

 Rosa from Schnuppensuppe organized another exchange of parcels, filled with food by food bloggers. It’s already the seventh event! Can you imagine?! As I first read of it, I immediately applied for it. I’m always happy about gifted with food. And what can be better than be gifted with food by a foodie?

After chasing my parcel, because I wasn’t at home at Thursday, I finally had it in my hands on Friday. I instantly looked at the addresser and I was thrilled to see it was from Petra from Brot und Rosen.

At home I opened my parcel and the first thing I fetched, even before her lovely letter, was a beautiful smoked carpfillet. I love carp and I never tasted a smoked one. After that I read her letter, in which she gave me instructions about everything she packed.

Above you see a picture of all the goodies. Besides the fillet, there where a delicious beer ( from near Würzburg), very fine horseradish, dried sour cherries, gingerbread spice, a very delicious Santa Claus tea, gummy bears and beautiful colored pasta. I was totally overwhelmed with this parcel. I was even more delighted, because it was a parcel from near my hometown, filled with things, that remind me of it. That was a great coincident.

Exchanging Food Parcels

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  1. Lemon says:

    Prima Idee, so ein Päckchen bekommt man gerne. Dem Foto nach waren ja nur feinste Dinge dabei.

  2. Schönes Päckchen! Wie drollig, die Sauerkirschen habe ich auch verschickt.

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